3 Critical Steps To Becoming A Manifestation Maverick

Are you struggling to breakthrough to the next level of success in your social business?

Finding that next step up in financial abundance is meeting with a mountain of resistance – or just taking way too long to manifest?

If you said yes you’re going to love this blog post because I’m going to reveal the 3 Critical Steps you need to take to move you from what I call a Patchy Manifestor to a Manifestation Maverick and Creative Mastery. Let me explain:

There are Five Levels you as a spiritual being, in a human body, go through on the way to Creative Mastery. Creative Mastery is that level where you can not only manifest at will, but you can make a big impact in raising the consciousness of humanity and transform the world. 

Levels Of Manifestation To Creative Mastery

1 – Unconscious Creation. At this level you don’t realize you’re creating your own reality – least of all – that you are also creating the world you see. It’s a very disempowering and unhappy place to be – and you want to get out of this level very fast.

2 – Stuck Zone. Here you know intellectually that your thoughts create your reality – but you struggle to get past blocks or limiting beliefs you know are there. Your symptoms are that patterns repeat themselves in your life. You can’t break free of limitation no matter how much work you do. You struggle to meet your goals often failing to reach them at all. You know you’re stuck but you can’t break free.

3 – Patchy Manifestor. At this level you use manifestation techniques – and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. You dip in and out of the first three levels. You’ll be beseeched with reactivity or emotion every now and then, and forget you created the situation blaming others for your experience – dipping into Unconscious Creation.

Then you’ll struggle on some goals, even getting stuck, so you’re in the Stuck Zone level. Sometimes you’ll have moments of genius and get exactly what you want. Your results are patchy and inconsistent. That’s why it’s called the Patchy Manifestor.

4 – Manifestation Maverick. You not only know how to manifest – you’re regularly reaching your goals. You’ve got the house, you’ve got the soul mate, you’ve got the income and you’re busting through each financial glass ceiling, you’re relatively happy and things are going relatively well in your life.

However you may struggling a bit, or work super hard to reach that next level of abundance. AND you have a big heart! When you look out into the world you respond with pain, anger, compassion or sadness. You feel like you want to help but you often feel powerless to effect real measurable transformation in the world. You’re struggling to reach that next level of mastery where – what you think makes tangible changes in the world.

5 – Creative Mastery. You not only know you contribute to the creation of world events – you’re actively changing them. You have access to the Unified Quantum Field and work with it on a regular basis to effect change in your life and the world. Your symptoms are –  wellsprings of joy bubble up from within. You respond to the pain and suffering you see in the world by going within and dissolving the pain in your subconscious mind. So you feel empowered.

You are what I call a Quantum Game Changer because you are changing the game on the planet and getting measurable results. You may dip in and out of the other levels at times, but you know how to get out, and seek help when you know you’re up against your blind spots. Before you get to this level though, you must master the Manifestation Maverick level.

Which level do you think you’re at?

Most Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators I know of are teetering between the level of Patchy Manifestor and Manifestation Maverick.

Which level do you want to be at?

Level 4 & 5 YES?

You want to be a master manifestor, and you want to reach creative mastery where you’re making a very big impact on the transformation of the world – right?

So let’s get to what will get you there, because there is a missing link in all of the block busting techniques that are being taught today. And I divulged

Your #3 Critical Steps To Manifestation Maverick & Creative Mastery

Step One: To transition from Patchy Manifestor to Manifestation Maverick you first need to establish a daily routine of fishing for limiting beliefs, collective consciousness programming, vows and contracts you’ve made for this incarnation that keep you in limitation. This is super important because of that pesky phenomena called the “Subconscious Mind Safety Zone”.

Your adorable subconscious mind begins to resist change EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TAKE ONE STEP TOWARD A NEW GOAL or a new experience. It does this because it narrowly interrupts safety as what it knows and can expect. New experiences, new levels of abundance and new goals are ventures into the unknown.

Step Two: Establish a weekly, or monthly, routine of working with an experienced blocks clearing practitioner to systematically free yourself of this Subconscious Mind Safety Zone phenomena. We all have blind spots. So having someone else shine the light on those blind spots is a must if you ever want to reach greater and greater levels of abundance and effectiveness in your business – and life in general.

Step Three: AND HERE’S THE KEY TO THE BIG BIG BREAKTHROUGHS. (Sorry for shouting but I didn’t want you to miss out on this key.)

Your results will improve exponentially when you do group consciousness clearing work.

You see the dissolution of the very consciousness that created the structure of our society is just as important for you to break free of, as it is to simply dissolve your limiting beliefs. Because the structure of our society is what holds us in perpetual limitation.

You see if it weren’t for our Societal Programming, our Education System and Elitist Structure of Our Society then you wouldn’t be experiencing difficulty in moving beyond limiting beliefs and experiences. Let me explain.

The real cause of the problem of limitation and blocks is that you are disconnected from the Creative Infinite Being that lives within you. There has been a massive amount of religious and spiritual programming to make sure that disconnection occurs and remains in tact. And our education system has perpetuated that status quo.

Now the collective consciousness behind that Elitist structure is the real real real cause. Because consciousness is behind anything that exists. So if you dont address that collective consciousness youll always be on the treadmill of dissolving limitation in one aspect of your life – but experiencing limitation in another area – Hence you’re forever the Patchy Manifestor.

When you do group clearing work you can dissolve great big huge chunks of collective consciousness limiting beliefs, you don’t even know you have. And each  member of the group as a slice of the pie. They are deeply hidden in the collective consciousness part of your subconscious mind. Even through you don’t know you have them, these types of belief matrices effect your experience on a daily basis. So you’ll want to do that group clearing work.

Here’s What You Can Do Today To Break Free!

Set aside some time today to find a Proven process you can use on a daily basis. And establish a daily routine of belief clearing.

If you’d like me to help you, thenI’ve prepared a free video training and email lessons for you. It’s called The Proven Block Busting Formula.

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If you choose not to take the time to learn my process, plus the missing link no one else out there is teaching about becoming a Manifestation Maverick at will, then I highly recommend you start journalling all your negative thoughts you have come up each day.

Put them all on paper then shred or safely burn them. Get them out of your mind, on to paper and into the bin! Start to expand that Subconscious Mind Safety Zone of yours to feel comfortable with change and new experiences of greater abundance.

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