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How To Choose The Right Business Mentor

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Trust in online coaching programs, coaches and mentors seems to be going through a bit of a transformation right now. About 40% of new my new clients in recent months, have had the experience of investing in coaching and not seen the return on their investments. Yet my experience has been really positive as with most of my colleagues. So what’s the secret sauce to choosing the right business mentor so that you can, and do, get a return on your investment? Here’s my formula for picking the right business mentor that has never failed me… Step 1: Know What Your Desired Outcome For Being Mentored Is This is important from both a metaphysical and practical perspective. I like to write a list of everything I’d like to experience by taking on a mentor or coach. I have a very specific outcome I want in mind, and I write it down. This does two things. It begins the creative process of manifestation because you’ve set your intention to have that experience. It gives you something to measure your prospective coaches and mentors against. When you’re considering investing in a coaching program, or mentor, you can now look at their offer and measure…

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Awakening To A New Way Of Doing Business

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A New Business Paradigm With A Law Of Nature Business Structure If you’re a awakened or awakening entrepreneur who has been working many hours in your business to drive the results, you’ve most likely said to yourself that there must be a better way – an easier way – a faster way, which means you’re really looking for a new business paradigm – a new way of doing business that doesn’t have you working so hard to flow and grow. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur having had a few businesses, feeling called to create something new that makes a big impact on the world, you most certainly have thought you don’t want to start from scratch building your business from the ground up, because it just takes too long and involves too much work to get to where you want to be. Over the past few years in my capacity as a Visionary and Business Coach, I hear all the time this dissatisfaction for the current way of doing business, and desire for a better way. A new way that isn’t so hard, or has us doing a whole lot of activities we don’t love doing to get things off the ground. My whole teaching…

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3 Steps To Create A Social Business Enterprise That Fulfils Your Purpose

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A New Social Business Model For A New Era There’s a positively infectious Global Epidemic among successful entrepreneurs that is adding depth to the Social Business Enterprise Grass Roots Movement changing our world. Because I mentor mature entrepreneurs around the world, I’m seeing and reading about this intense, almost urgent desire of these entrepreneurs wanting to give more back and contribute to solving some of the world’s largest problems. They’re asking, what am I really here to do?, and how can I make a bigger impact on a global scale? This idea of using Entrepreneurial acumen to solve world problems has been coined as the phrase “Entrepreneurial Activism.” But none of us are getting any older, and if you’re like I was 11 years ago, the thought of starting a new social business enterprise makes your stomach turn. “Do you really have to build from the ground up again, right?” Then there’s the concern about whether you can make enough money to keep the cogs moving that you’ve already built, and how on earth do you monetize so you get paid to solve a world problem without becoming a politician? For some entrepreneurs there’s what’s known as the “Christ Complex”…

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Monetize Your Mission For World Change

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3 Success Factors For A Thriving Social Business Has it ever occurred to you that the one thing you’d like most to change in the world, might actually be part of your mission? I discovered a great many things that year. The least of which was that when we get that calling into higher world service, there are always clues as to what that service is and how to monetise it. AND it seams that each of us contributes to solving a problem in the world through the ripple effect, regardless of the size of the mission simvastatin generic name.In the infamous year of 2012 I took an unofficial survey of over 1,000 clients who came to me wanting to build a social business that would leave a legacy. Most of them were successful, but they had a gnawing feeling inside that there was a bigger mission looming. They just couldn’t put their finger on what that was for themselves. Which is why they came to me. To my great and grateful surprise, I also discovered that each of us has a Mission Blueprint that outlines the best path for us to tap into the Universal Ocean of Abundance by…

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How Spirituality Clarifies Your Successful Career Direction

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If you’re looking for clarity on your career direction and you’re wanting to experience deeper meaning with a greater sense of purpose, then you’re going to love this article because I’m going to reveal the one thing you need to focus onto experience exactly that. For too long our working world has segregated the search of spirituality and career success into two very separate camps. The ongoing GFC and the floundering recovery has given birth to a new and fast growing movement in the search of deeper meaning to the work we do. More and more people across the globe are asking, “How can I make a bigger difference?”. “There’s got to be more to my working life than money right?” Today we live in the most exciting of times where social entrepreneurship is birthing a new wave of jobs and career paths for workers and job seekers. It’s our spirituality, in particular our Soul’s Purpose for being on the planet, that gives us the greatest clues as to where our successful career direction lies, in terms of bringing money, purpose, passion and meaning together. No longer do we need to work a job that has no meaning to us, just to get bills…

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