A New Business Paradigm With A Law Of Nature Business Structure

If you’re a awakened or awakening entrepreneur who has been working many hours in your business to drive the results, you’ve most likely said to yourself that there must be a better way – an easier way – a faster way, which means you’re really looking for a new business paradigm – a new way of doing business that doesn’t have you working so hard to flow and grow.

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur having had a few businesses, feeling called to create something new that makes a big impact on the world, you most certainly have thought you don’t want to start from scratch building your business from the ground up, because it just takes too long and involves too much work to get to where you want to be.

Over the past few years in my capacity as a Visionary and Business Coach, I hear all the time this dissatisfaction for the current way of doing business, and desire for a better way. A new way that isn’t so hard, or has us doing a whole lot of activities we don’t love doing to get things off the ground. My whole teaching is if we align our business structure to the Laws of Nature that govern our physical and metaphysical universe we’ll increase our “Attractor Factor” so we can take a whole lot of doing out of the equation. It’s the Law of Attraction business model on steroids.

This is important to consider, because let’s face it – If we were to implement everything all the business gurus tell us, we’d need to :

  • have a team of people running themselves ragged to produce copious amounts of content to attract leads;
  • have an elaborate funnel to convert those leads to customers;
  • give away a lot of free content to make a sale;
  • create a webinar and drive thousands of people to it to make sales;
  • automate everything;
  • be out and about at networking events;
  • attending masterminds every week;
  • build a presence on social media across at least 4 platforms;
  • investing 14 hours week on marketing yourself and/or your business;
  • managing a team of Virtual Assistants; managing staff;
  • innovate new ideas as fast as we can;
  • learn all the new changes on all the apps and platforms that seem to change every week;
  • not to mention delivery on our promise
  • … and then there’s EMAIL,
  • and the list could go on….

It’s exhausting and overwhelming when you really come to think of it. What we are being told we need to do to have successful businesses these days has moved beyond ridiculous. The volume of energy that you and your team output in relationship to what comes in doesn’t always add up. Surely there is a better way?

A Global Awakening To A Better Way

Working globally has given me the advantage of seeing patterns, collective paradigm shifts before they happen, then the movements that grow out of those paradigm shifts. I’ve been online in the field of Internet Marketing for over 22 years in various forms, owned 7 different businesses over 3 decades and have been the mentor or idea incubator of over several thousand entrepreneurs and business owners in the past decade.

What I’ve been witnessing of late is a global awakening birthed by this idea that as creative manifesting beings, surely there’s a balance to strike between visualising our way to making an impact as we grow a successful business, and working long hours to get the rewards we’re looking for.

Like any new awakening movement there is:

  • FIRST: The dissatisfaction for the status quo;
  • SECOND: The desire for change;
  • THIRD: The Thought Leadership paving the way to the path for change;
  • FOURTH: The the Messengers that repeat the way to the path for change;
  • FIFTH: The Visionaries, Transformational Leaders, Educators who train the emerging generation of new leaders to make that change.

Throughout history every paradigm shift, or movement and awakening to a new way, has followed a similar path of evolvement. I believe we’re at Stage 5 of this new way of doing business.

The Premise For The New Paradigm In Doing Business

Let’s explore this idea, for a moment, that as creative beings capable of moving mountains, perhaps we’ve been operating on one of our six cylinders of our potential and capabilities. And that firing up those other five cylinders holds to the key to getting better results for our efforts; making a bigger impact on the world stage. Even influencing world transformation through business in ways we’ve secretly thought were possible, but never learned or implemented.

In what is arguable one of the most significant moments in human history the fateful meeting that took place between Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein and other illuminary scientists in the early twentieth century, we have the seed for this new business paradigm.

During this meeting it was postulated that in experiments the observer to that experiment was an integral part of the outcome to that experiment paving way to the idea that there is no such thing as objective reality. It’s all subjective. We are all each a contributing factor to the outcome of the reality we observe.

That hypothesis was later proven and set the scientific community up to change the way it conducted experiments, implementing the double blinded placebo study in a futile attempt to get an objective outcome.

Inherent in that discovery is the assertion that, when we observe anything our perspective and expectations effect the outcome. While this assertion is being used in the medical world and the alternative healing industry, it’s yet to be integrated into the business and entrepreneur community.

The Law of Attraction community have been practicing visualising what improvements they want in their lives using their power of mind.  If it is indeed within our higher potential to use the power of our perspective to observe a problem and influence a different outcome, then why aren’t we using that power of influence in our mission driven business to bring about global change?

We know mind over matter is a real thing. Is it not time we change our focus on a day in day out basis and look at “doing” business in a completely new way?

Shifting Our Focus For Each Day

In Bruce Lipton’s best seller “Biology of Belief”, he makes the assertion that more than 85% of what we experience each day is a result of thoughts and beliefs stored in our subconscious mind.

Yet, what percentage of our time is invested in changing that subconscious mind matrix of beliefs, compared to all that “doing” we do to bring about the experiences we desire? Usually not more than an hour a day if that – Certainly not 85% of our day. Yet our experiences are mostly derived from what we think at the subconscious mind level. And that part of our mind drives what we do.

What would happen if we invested 85% of our working day on cultivating the experiences we want in the subconscious, not just in our lives and business, but in the world at large as well?

What if we combined that activity with using our perspective to observe a new reality for the world – a new reality for how our businesses impact the world – a new reality for how we do business itself? Would we be on our way to finding that better way?

In fact is that the role of the new emerging leaders, visionaries, innovators and influencers? Are we to depart from the old module of “doing-doing” business, to a completely new way that integrates the Laws of Nature, Power of Mind, Higher Potential of our Being with focused action, to go beyond just using these to improve our own life, but to exponentially transform the world so all may benefit?

We are after all at a pivotal time in our evolution as a species where we’re loosing species at a great rate; increasing war across the globe; while millions suffer without the basic access to clean water, safe shelter, education and the chance to pursue their dreams.

Could we change all that simply by shifting what we focus on, and what our team focuses on, day in day out?

Ok, So If We’re So Powerful, Why Do So Many Businesses Fail?

One final thing to consider in this search for a better way to conduct our businesses, is that the current failure rate has risen to between 80% to 90% in the past 70 years. If you started a business in the 1940’s you only had a 48% chance of failure. Today that failure rate has almost doubled despite decades of business gurus; business seminars; mind power training; thousands of business webinars; free business courses; an explosion in business mentoring and coaching programs.

You would think that with all that education, knowledge and energy going into helping people succeed in business, that the failure rate would be falling, not rising. So I have to ask –

Is the problem really with 90% of the people, or is it the model that is at fault?

We have a business model focusing on “doing stuff to make money”. And recently we’ve added purposeful doing so those of us with a mission are busy “doing stuff to make money that also fulfils our greater purpose”. But the focus is still on doing rather than taking creative power all the way to its fullest capability of being actioned in every aspect of our business.

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Influencing Change From Our Genius Databank of Super Knowledge

Here’s the thing most of us tend to forget. We have a live and updated, up to the minute, Genius Databank living inside of us. This Genius Databank is made up of the Collective Consciousness – Collective Intelligence – in connection with our Super Conscious. We can, and we do access that Genius Databank in our random moments of inspiration, insight and genius.

The failing business model we’ve been following for over a century now, has focused our creating part at the beginning of the business, or when we scale, clarify our business vision or create our marketing assets.

We’re not taught to use our creative genius every step of the way.

Our mind is made up of the Conscious, Subconscious, Collective Conscious and Super Conscious mind. We have access to all of that thinking. The “normal” way of doing business focuses mostly on the Conscious Mind access and intelligence, and often the subconscious as the home of our gut instincts and intuition. Some of us have glimpses of the Super Conscious in our inspired thoughts that seem to come from out of now where at random times. They appear to be out of our control and few people can call them in at will.

Since we randomly get downloads from the Collective and  Super Consciousness in our inspired thinking, it would be well worth our time and attention to learn how to consciously call on that genius.  If that Genius Databank was in our control, and we could tap into it in any given moment…

Could it be as easy as calling up the data from that super collective intelligence in much the same way as Trinity, from the movie the Matrix, downloading a program to fly a helicopter she’s never flown before? We simply call on the Genius Databank and place our request….

Tank I need a program for a B2 12 Helicopter.

And the way forward begins to download.

Imagine how much faster we could grow our business? Perhaps even beat the failure odds and bring that statistic down all together. Imagine how much more we could influence change and transformation of the collective, if we had conscious access to it. We’d solve problems fast and be free to create magnificence for the share joy of being creators, creating for our wonderment and enjoyment.

As conscious entrepreneurs and business owners, we are busy observing a problem, creating a business to solve the problem and then observing the hard slog it takes us to get the results we’re looking for. We need to create elaborate marketing messages and funnels to influence people to work with us.

Perhaps we should be learning how to influence in a completely new way. A way that has us in partnership with our Genius Databank utilizing whatever laws or principles that govern our ability to have access to that genius, so we can use it for the good of all humankind.

It’s one thing for us to head off to ashrams and meditate for months or years to have awakening experiences or increase our level of consciousness. Do we awaken to the truth of who we are – that we are powerful creator beings, capable of creating extraordinary worlds of magnificent. through the purposeful practice of that truth in our mission driven businesses that not only change our lives, but transform the world?

I’ve always believed that living one’s true purpose and following your life’s mission was the doorway to our higher potential as creator beings. We’re mature enough to move beyond using our higher abilities to change our personal reality. It’s time we take it that next step further and transform the world reality – build that New Earth!

It’s time to influence world change from all levels of our being, fired up on all six cylinders. It’s not only possible, and we are not only capable – It is our evolutionary destiny.