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Why You Don’t Get The Results You Expected From Online Training Or Coaching Programs

Too many people have been telling me they’ve done coaching programs, online marketing trainings, and not got results from them, and I’m not happy about that…

So I felt compelled to give you all the 411.

Having had 7 different businesses and 20 years of experience marketing different products and services online, to where I’ve built a successful global business online, I can tell you there are many programs that will never give you the results promised if you don’t have certain fundamentals in place first.

I want to give you a barometer for things you need to have in place before you do any coaching program or training online that shows you how to get clients and market yourself.

While I think there are sharks out there delivering irrelevant and outdated material, there’s also some responsibility we need to take here in why we make the decisions we make, what we say no to and what we say yes to.

In this video I Iist everything that you need in place before anything you do to market yourself will get results for you. That way you’ll make better decisions on what training and coaching programs you invest, what marketing avenues will work for you, and what will just be a waste of your time and money.

Even free programs… Let’s face it, we’re all busy and our email inboxes are getting out of control.

We’re spoiled for choices.

So the list of things that form your success foundation that I’ll give you today, you can also use to discern your precious time better – only focus on that which you need to get in place that will lead to success.

Watch and enjoy. If you have any questions please post a comment. If after you’ve watched the video, you’d like to join me and a small group of people to get your business foundation solid and aligned to your purpose, then be sure to register for my last Global Mission Mojo Day Workshop Online using the link in the comments section below.

It’s 4 hours of action packed self discovery, actioning, and business building for just $1 USD down now, and $67 USD at the end of the day ONLY if you got value.

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How Your Purpose Can Solve All Business Challenges

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In the past 5 years of being the The Mission Mentor I’ve discovered that greater alignment to nitty gritty details in your purpose and mission blueprint can solve just about every challenge you’re currently facing in business.

In this very first episode of the Mission Mojo Show, I set out to prove to you how purpose alignment can solve your business challenges. From getting greater clarity of direction for your business idea or new business direction, to not getting enough clients, struggling to make enough money and even not getting results despite doing all the things the gurus are telling you will work…

If you’d like to participate in the conversion we had when we went live over on Facebook here’s the link for that…

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The Mission Mojo Show Schedule

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30 Day’s To Purpose Aligned Business Mastery

Most Days at 1pm Brisbane AEST
11am Perth / 3pm Auckland
8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern (The day before)

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How Your Purpose Can Solve All Business Challenges?
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Episode 3: Thursday 27th July (Wednesday 26th July USA/Canada)

How Do You Get The Money To Do What You Want?
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How To Turn Your Purpose Into A Business?
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How Do You Price Your Offers?
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How Do You Get The Mindset Of A Successful Entrepreneur?

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How Do You Transition Your Mindset From A Corporate Executive To An Entrepreneur?

Impact 1 Million Lives #impact1millionlives

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I’m confident that you’re somewhat like me in that you feel pain when you see other people suffer. When you see injustice, extreme poverty, you feel a little sad. But you also know you want to make a difference and some how make your mark in the causes that you feel passionate about.

Today I wanted to show you a social business model that I use to impact as many lives as I can, without actually having to deliver on it. This is a highly leveraged way to make a difference and leave your legacy.

You see one of the biggest problems I see new clients and course participants come to me with is the desire to make a big difference but a fear of being that visible to millions of people. They think, like I use to, that being that visible means you loose your anonymity or freedom. So they hold themselves back from really stepping up to make that big huge difference. They play small with small numbers when they know they were destined to impact hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives.

Leveraging Your Impact

If you follow me you know I have a Purpose To Profit Formula that helps entrepreneurs clarify and monetize their life’s big mission to make a global impact and leave a legacy. It’s all about making big money by making a bigger difference so you can make an even bigger difference. So yes there is leverage in the social business model from the perspective of leveraging what you offer. But there’s another way that works in harmony with your business to speed up the number of lives you touch.

Let me explain….

As a member of the giving organization B1G1, who have coined the phrase #decadeofgiving, we pledge to give a certain amount of our monthly profit, or when certain things happen in our business, to humanitarian projects within the B1G1 organization. This creates “impacts” on people’s lives who are suffering from unspeakable acts, or struggling with poverty and sustainable development.

Ordinary business owners and entrepreneurs like you and me come together to give on a regular basis to impact lives and change the world.

B1G1 Conference Gold Coast / Buy 1 Give 1

B1G1 has been in operation for 10 years now. Just this weekend I spent 2 days with an amazing group of social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to celebrate a #decadeofgiving. Many great things came out of that conference, including the birth of my new campaign #impact1millionlives.

I love it because it’s taken this concept of social capital that I talk about, all the way to its maximum impact.

Social capital is what you add in the exchange with your clients and customers to give them that sense that by working with you or buying your products and services, they are contributing to the greater good. The Elderman Trust Barometer of 2016 has found in its survey of the Adult consumer population globally, that fifty percent of consumers now want to feel a sense of purpose greater than just exchanging money for goods and services. They want to be making a difference with their purchase. So adding social capital to your business is no a necessity if you want to drive sales growth.

As an aside here’s an amazing collaborative painting we all did over 3 conferences in 3 different countries.

Adding Social Capital To Your Social Business

Knowing you want to make a bigger impact with your programs, products and services, I thought you’d love this concept of leveraging your impact even further by participating in the #impact1millionlives campaign I’ve just launched.


#impact1millionlives is a pledge I made to give to humanitarian causes within the B1G1 platform every time someone new signed up for one of my free gifts, completed watching one of my webinars and or purchased one of my training programs UNTIL at least 1 million lives had been impacted. Hence adding even more social capital to my business transactions with clients and customers. I would like to invite you to consider joining me, and hundreds of other social entrepreneurs, in doing the same in your business.

This concept was the brainchild of Ben Walker of Inspire, a fellow B1G1 member who ran a highly successful marketing campaign to recruit new clients.  His cause was #impact1mdays, which gave clean water to villages in need for 1 million days. In his marketing campaign each time certain things occurred within his business he gave money to the WishingWell water project which allowed one million days of clean water. This saves women time collecting water,  so they can start businesses that matter, and it means girls get to go to school. So the simple act of giving water for so many days means the level of abundance in the village is raised. How cool is that.

It’s long been a goal of mine to impact one million lives before I retire. I thought it would take me a lifetime to realize that goal. But with the B1G1 platform, over the course of the conference, I realised I might even be able to do that within 1 year.

Social Entrepreneurs Take The Pledge

100 inspired social entrepreneurs, including me, listened to how Ben made a big impact with giving as the core of his business marketing, pledge to do the same in their businesses. So on a napkin over lunch I worked with Ben to come up with #impact1millionlives. Here’s how it works….

  1. Every time someone registers for one of my free gifts, my Human Renaissance Foundation will contribute to clean water through the WishingWell water project.
  2. Every time someone registers and watches one of my webinars all the way to the end I will contribute to clean water through the WishingWell water project.
  3. Every time someone registers for my Mission Mojo Workshop day I’ll give 1 day’s business training to a woman in a developing nation.
  4. Every time someone buys my Right Mission Right Money program I’ll gift 1 full year of business education to a woman or girl in a developing nation.
  5. Every time someone buys one of my other programs, products or services, I’ll gift a girl a rescue from sex slavery and human trafficking that comes with education rehabilitation.

When I did the math on these impacts, and the number of projected leads and sales over the coming year, I was shocked at how far my impact and reach would go, exceeding one million.

Would You Like To #impact1millionlives?

What if you could change lives by doing what you do every day regardless of how many clients or customers you had?

If you like that idea then here’s my invitation to you….

Join the B1G1 community with me and integrate the giving concept in your business and your marketing and I’ll show you how. You can join as both an individual and a business owner. Once you’ve joined, let me know you signed up using my Code, and I’ll invite you to a special 2 hour virtual workshop where we will look at how you can integrate this #impact1millionlives into your business.

I don’t receive any financial compensation for this. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

More impact giving is made when you join the community using my code.

Thank your love of humanity and your service to our Mother Earth.


How To Choose The Right Business Mentor

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Trust in online coaching programs, coaches and mentors seems to be going through a bit of a transformation right now. About 40% of new my new clients in recent months, have had the experience of investing in coaching and not seen the return on their investments. Yet my experience has been really positive as with most of my colleagues. So what’s the secret sauce to choosing the right business mentor so that you can, and do, get a return on your investment?

Here’s my formula for picking the right business mentor that has never failed me…

Step 1: Know What Your Desired Outcome For Being Mentored Is

This is important from both a metaphysical and practical perspective. I like to write a list of everything I’d like to experience by taking on a mentor or coach. I have a very specific outcome I want in mind, and I write it down. This does two things.

  1. It begins the creative process of manifestation because you’ve set your intention to have that experience.
  2. It gives you something to measure your prospective coaches and mentors against.

When you’re considering investing in a coaching program, or mentor, you can now look at their offer and measure it against what outcomes you’re looking for. This will start the process of seeing whether or not you’re a good fit.

Step 2: Pick A Coach or Mentor Who Is Teaching The Systems That Made Them Successful

Coaching has exploded globally. In fact it’s a billion dollar industry set to become the next trillion dollar industry. There is such a huge variety of programs to choose from. T endless email invitations promising success if you do this or that method seems endless. How I filter out the authentic from those I can easily pass up, is by asking these questions you might also want to ask.

  1. Is the method you’re teaching someone else’s, or have you become successful using this method, system, blueprint?
  2. How many businesses have you owned?

Basically what these questions are helping you discover, is whether or not you’ll be working with someone who is walking their talk! A mentor who is teaching from their own experience is going to be able to give you far superior knowledge and advice than someone who has trained in someone else’s method and is teaching it from theory. It’s ok to teach someone else’s method if you then used it to gain success. But if what is being imparted is coming from pure theory, there will be challenges you may have that the coach or mentor may not have experience in helping you overcome.

There are a myriad of things that can and do occur off the plan. Things can happen out of the blue. It’s often the things not in the system or blueprint that can make the biggest difference for you. Only an experienced mentor can impart the advice on dealing with those challenges or even warning you what may occur so you’re prepared.

Step 3: Pick A Mentor Who Shares Your Treasured Values

This is super important to me, and it should be to you too if you’re a purpose and mission driven entrepreneur. When you’re building a mission driven business that aligns to your purpose, you’re coming from a set of values that are important to you. You need different business than a traditional mercenary model that is based on following the money.

If you choose a coach who is only all about the money, or performance, and doesn’t treasure your desire to make an impact or be happy and passionate about what you do, then you’ll often be lead in a different direction than your unique mojo lane to success. To make sure you’re choosing a mentor or coach who shares your treasured values, you first:

  1. Need to know what your values are;
  2. You also need to ask questions about the values of the prospective coach or mentor to see if they match up.

Step 4: Choose A Mentor Who Is Relatable & Resonant

I need to resonate with who I work with. If I don’t resonate, then I know I’ll quickly be out of step with them somewhere down the track. I also like to work with people who are relatable and don’t come over as all high and mighty and ra-ra-ra. I think authenticity goes a lot further for the mentee than someone who is un-relatable and even unattainable.

You’re going to get the most value from a mentor, not only when they share their systems and strategies, but when they share their vulnerabilities and how they overcome adversity and challenges. So if you’re with an inauthentic picture perfect mentor who never admits their failing, that’s not only un-relatable to you, it’s not that helpful in the long run.

Conversely, you’ll be more inspired by an authentic relatable mentor who you resonate with, as they are the living example of overcoming adversities and challenges that you’re going to be going through. That one thing alone is what a number of my clients say they like about working with me. They are reminded, during the times that the business day is just plain rough and challenging, …. That there is a way to get past that, and their mentor has done so and now showing them the way through.

Step 5: Get A Mentor That Will Shine Light On Your “Shit”

If you work with people who are always telling you positive things and never shining light on your blind spots or blocks, you’ll never get anywhere. Here’s the cold hard fact of success in business –

You need to become someone else every single time you scale.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to be someone different from who you are in your core. It means you have to think and behave differently to what you are right now if you want a different result or a new experience you’ve never had before. The path of a successful social entrepreneur is a path of personal and spiritual development. Sometimes you have to dig do deep inside yourself to pull something out of you, you never knew you had, just to get through the challenges of the day.

That is going to require confronting some lazy parts of your identity; or the parts of you where you fool yourself or let yourself off the hook. If you’re investing money with someone in the hope they’ll help you reach a certain outcome that has eluded you so far, you want them to be able to shine that light on the shit, so you can get out of it and into the zone that will lead you to that result.

In Conclusion: So much of the success of your decision as to which business mentor or coach you choose really starts with step one – Getting really clear on the outcomes you’re looking for.

You can be blunt with the prospective coach or mentor and just come right out and tell them what you’re going to be expecting, and what outcomes you want. The mentors and coaches I know, including myself, are also interviewing you to see if they can help you get the results you’re looking for. The more clear you are about what those outcomes are, the better you’ll both be able to determine if you’ll have a successful relationship with one another.