Awakening To A New Way Of Doing Business

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A New Business Paradigm With A Law Of Nature Business Structure

If you’re a awakened or awakening entrepreneur who has been working many hours in your business to drive the results, you’ve most likely said to yourself that there must be a better way – an easier way – a faster way, which means you’re really looking for a new business paradigm – a new way of doing business that doesn’t have you working so hard to flow and grow.

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur having had a few businesses, feeling called to create something new that makes a big impact on the world, you most certainly have thought you don’t want to start from scratch building your business from the ground up, because it just takes too long and involves too much work to get to where you want to be.

Over the past few years in my capacity as a Visionary and Business Coach, I hear all the time this dissatisfaction for the current way of doing business, and desire for a better way. A new way that isn’t so hard, or has us doing a whole lot of activities we don’t love doing to get things off the ground. My whole teaching is if we align our business structure to the Laws of Nature that govern our physical and metaphysical universe we’ll increase our “Attractor Factor” so we can take a whole lot of doing out of the equation. It’s the Law of Attraction business model on steroids.

This is important to consider, because let’s face it – If we were to implement everything all the business gurus tell us, we’d need to :

  • have a team of people running themselves ragged to produce copious amounts of content to attract leads;
  • have an elaborate funnel to convert those leads to customers;
  • give away a lot of free content to make a sale;
  • create a webinar and drive thousands of people to it to make sales;
  • automate everything;
  • be out and about at networking events;
  • attending masterminds every week;
  • build a presence on social media across at least 4 platforms;
  • investing 14 hours week on marketing yourself and/or your business;
  • managing a team of Virtual Assistants; managing staff;
  • innovate new ideas as fast as we can;
  • learn all the new changes on all the apps and platforms that seem to change every week;
  • not to mention delivery on our promise
  • … and then there’s EMAIL,
  • and the list could go on….

It’s exhausting and overwhelming when you really come to think of it. What we are being told we need to do to have successful businesses these days has moved beyond ridiculous. The volume of energy that you and your team output in relationship to what comes in doesn’t always add up. Surely there is a better way?

A Global Awakening To A Better Way

Working globally has given me the advantage of seeing patterns, collective paradigm shifts before they happen, then the movements that grow out of those paradigm shifts. I’ve been online in the field of Internet Marketing for over 22 years in various forms, owned 7 different businesses over 3 decades and have been the mentor or idea incubator of over several thousand entrepreneurs and business owners in the past decade.

What I’ve been witnessing of late is a global awakening birthed by this idea that as creative manifesting beings, surely there’s a balance to strike between visualising our way to making an impact as we grow a successful business, and working long hours to get the rewards we’re looking for.

Like any new awakening movement there is:

  • FIRST: The dissatisfaction for the status quo;
  • SECOND: The desire for change;
  • THIRD: The Thought Leadership paving the way to the path for change;
  • FOURTH: The the Messengers that repeat the way to the path for change;
  • FIFTH: The Visionaries, Transformational Leaders, Educators who train the emerging generation of new leaders to make that change.

Throughout history every paradigm shift, or movement and awakening to a new way, has followed a similar path of evolvement. I believe we’re at Stage 5 of this new way of doing business.

The Premise For The New Paradigm In Doing Business

Let’s explore this idea, for a moment, that as creative beings capable of moving mountains, perhaps we’ve been operating on one of our six cylinders of our potential and capabilities. And that firing up those other five cylinders holds to the key to getting better results for our efforts; making a bigger impact on the world stage. Even influencing world transformation through business in ways we’ve secretly thought were possible, but never learned or implemented.

In what is arguable one of the most significant moments in human history the fateful meeting that took place between Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein and other illuminary scientists in the early twentieth century, we have the seed for this new business paradigm.

During this meeting it was postulated that in experiments the observer to that experiment was an integral part of the outcome to that experiment paving way to the idea that there is no such thing as objective reality. It’s all subjective. We are all each a contributing factor to the outcome of the reality we observe.

That hypothesis was later proven and set the scientific community up to change the way it conducted experiments, implementing the double blinded placebo study in a futile attempt to get an objective outcome.

Inherent in that discovery is the assertion that, when we observe anything our perspective and expectations effect the outcome. While this assertion is being used in the medical world and the alternative healing industry, it’s yet to be integrated into the business and entrepreneur community.

The Law of Attraction community have been practicing visualising what improvements they want in their lives using their power of mind.  If it is indeed within our higher potential to use the power of our perspective to observe a problem and influence a different outcome, then why aren’t we using that power of influence in our mission driven business to bring about global change?

We know mind over matter is a real thing. Is it not time we change our focus on a day in day out basis and look at “doing” business in a completely new way?

Shifting Our Focus For Each Day

In Bruce Lipton’s best seller “Biology of Belief”, he makes the assertion that more than 85% of what we experience each day is a result of thoughts and beliefs stored in our subconscious mind.

Yet, what percentage of our time is invested in changing that subconscious mind matrix of beliefs, compared to all that “doing” we do to bring about the experiences we desire? Usually not more than an hour a day if that – Certainly not 85% of our day. Yet our experiences are mostly derived from what we think at the subconscious mind level. And that part of our mind drives what we do.

What would happen if we invested 85% of our working day on cultivating the experiences we want in the subconscious, not just in our lives and business, but in the world at large as well?

What if we combined that activity with using our perspective to observe a new reality for the world – a new reality for how our businesses impact the world – a new reality for how we do business itself? Would we be on our way to finding that better way?

In fact is that the role of the new emerging leaders, visionaries, innovators and influencers? Are we to depart from the old module of “doing-doing” business, to a completely new way that integrates the Laws of Nature, Power of Mind, Higher Potential of our Being with focused action, to go beyond just using these to improve our own life, but to exponentially transform the world so all may benefit?

We are after all at a pivotal time in our evolution as a species where we’re loosing species at a great rate; increasing war across the globe; while millions suffer without the basic access to clean water, safe shelter, education and the chance to pursue their dreams.

Could we change all that simply by shifting what we focus on, and what our team focuses on, day in day out?

Ok, So If We’re So Powerful, Why Do So Many Businesses Fail?

One final thing to consider in this search for a better way to conduct our businesses, is that the current failure rate has risen to between 80% to 90% in the past 70 years. If you started a business in the 1940’s you only had a 48% chance of failure. Today that failure rate has almost doubled despite decades of business gurus; business seminars; mind power training; thousands of business webinars; free business courses; an explosion in business mentoring and coaching programs.

You would think that with all that education, knowledge and energy going into helping people succeed in business, that the failure rate would be falling, not rising. So I have to ask –

Is the problem really with 90% of the people, or is it the model that is at fault?

We have a business model focusing on “doing stuff to make money”. And recently we’ve added purposeful doing so those of us with a mission are busy “doing stuff to make money that also fulfils our greater purpose”. But the focus is still on doing rather than taking creative power all the way to its fullest capability of being actioned in every aspect of our business.

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Influencing Change From Our Genius Databank of Super Knowledge

Here’s the thing most of us tend to forget. We have a live and updated, up to the minute, Genius Databank living inside of us. This Genius Databank is made up of the Collective Consciousness – Collective Intelligence – in connection with our Super Conscious. We can, and we do access that Genius Databank in our random moments of inspiration, insight and genius.

The failing business model we’ve been following for over a century now, has focused our creating part at the beginning of the business, or when we scale, clarify our business vision or create our marketing assets.

We’re not taught to use our creative genius every step of the way.

Our mind is made up of the Conscious, Subconscious, Collective Conscious and Super Conscious mind. We have access to all of that thinking. The “normal” way of doing business focuses mostly on the Conscious Mind access and intelligence, and often the subconscious as the home of our gut instincts and intuition. Some of us have glimpses of the Super Conscious in our inspired thoughts that seem to come from out of now where at random times. They appear to be out of our control and few people can call them in at will.

Since we randomly get downloads from the Collective and  Super Consciousness in our inspired thinking, it would be well worth our time and attention to learn how to consciously call on that genius.  If that Genius Databank was in our control, and we could tap into it in any given moment…

Could it be as easy as calling up the data from that super collective intelligence in much the same way as Trinity, from the movie the Matrix, downloading a program to fly a helicopter she’s never flown before? We simply call on the Genius Databank and place our request….

Tank I need a program for a B2 12 Helicopter.

And the way forward begins to download.

Imagine how much faster we could grow our business? Perhaps even beat the failure odds and bring that statistic down all together. Imagine how much more we could influence change and transformation of the collective, if we had conscious access to it. We’d solve problems fast and be free to create magnificence for the share joy of being creators, creating for our wonderment and enjoyment.

As conscious entrepreneurs and business owners, we are busy observing a problem, creating a business to solve the problem and then observing the hard slog it takes us to get the results we’re looking for. We need to create elaborate marketing messages and funnels to influence people to work with us.

Perhaps we should be learning how to influence in a completely new way. A way that has us in partnership with our Genius Databank utilizing whatever laws or principles that govern our ability to have access to that genius, so we can use it for the good of all humankind.

It’s one thing for us to head off to ashrams and meditate for months or years to have awakening experiences or increase our level of consciousness. Do we awaken to the truth of who we are – that we are powerful creator beings, capable of creating extraordinary worlds of magnificent. through the purposeful practice of that truth in our mission driven businesses that not only change our lives, but transform the world?

I’ve always believed that living one’s true purpose and following your life’s mission was the doorway to our higher potential as creator beings. We’re mature enough to move beyond using our higher abilities to change our personal reality. It’s time we take it that next step further and transform the world reality – build that New Earth!

It’s time to influence world change from all levels of our being, fired up on all six cylinders. It’s not only possible, and we are not only capable – It is our evolutionary destiny.

3 Steps To Create A Social Business Enterprise That Fulfils Your Purpose

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A New Social Business Model For A New Era

There’s a positively infectious Global Epidemic among successful entrepreneurs that is adding depth to the Social Business Enterprise Grass Roots Movement changing our world. Because I mentor mature entrepreneurs around the world, I’m seeing and reading about this intense, almost urgent desire of these entrepreneurs wanting to give more back and contribute to solving some of the world’s largest problems. They’re asking, what am I really here to do?, and how can I make a bigger impact on a global scale?

This idea of using Entrepreneurial acumen to solve world problems has been coined as the phrase

“Entrepreneurial Activism.”

But none of us are getting any older, and if you’re like I was 11 years ago, the thought of starting a new social business enterprise makes your stomach turn. “Do you really have to build from the ground up again, right?”

Then there’s the concern about whether you can make enough money to keep the cogs moving that you’ve already built, and how on earth do you monetize so you get paid to solve a world problem without becoming a politician?

For some entrepreneurs there’s what’s known as the “Christ Complex” – So many problems and there’s only one of you, how do you solve them all, or which one should you focus on?

Meanwhile why you’re trying to figure that out, time is ticking and none of us are getting any younger. So there’s a sense of urgency that grows with each passing day,, and the impact you feel drawn to make is not being made.

I know this journey well, and out of it found a way to monetize my Entrepreneurial Activism which I now train others in.  Off the back of saving the Natural Health Industry of New Zealand in 2006 from hostile trans-tasman legislation that effectively meant a corporation would form in Australia run by a Pharmaceutical friendly philosophy and staff to regulate businesses in both New Zealand and Australia. I think we can all agree where that would have ended up if it happened.  I made history and won an Industry award for that, but not without loosing my own business at the time.

I never got paid to create and roll out that winning mission strategy. In fact I thought because I was serving humanity it should be something you do as a volunteer. Meanwhile 30,000 people got to keep their jobs, 3,000 businesses continued to change and millions of people could keep exercising their choice to use natural supplements for their wellbeing.

How crazy is that?

I’m sitting in front of my computer dealing with final stage melanoma (my second visit from the Big C) thinking…. There has to be a better way. There has to be a way for me to focus full-time on unleashing my mojo for creating winning mission strategies to solve world problems, get paid to do it, so all my talent and skills can be used for that and not divided up between my activism and my day job within my business. I’m sure you can relate to that right?

You know if you’re focusing full time on solving the problem as a successful entrepreneur, stuff’s going to get done right?

Step One: Make The Mindset Shift

I realized the first step has to be making the mindset shift and realising that you can serve humanity and get paid well for it, in fact hundreds of social entrepreneurs are doing just that… Anita Roddick the creator of Body Shop was probably the first well known global Entrepreneur Activist. Elon Musk is probably the most well known today along with Richard Branson. You don’t have to be a politician to solve the big problems in the world. In fact it’s preferable if you’re not.

While they’re all bickering about whether the left or right is the best way to do things, we Social Entrepreneurs are busy using both our left and right feet to move forward on solving some of the biggest problems we face, that have a sense of urgency to them. Hence the urgency that many entrepreneurs are having about just getting out there and lending a hand to make that bigger impact. Time is ticking for our planet and our society.

Step Two: Get Clear On The New Social Business Model

Once you’ve made the mindset shift it’s time to look at the model because a traditional Business 1.0 model won’t get you there. You can’t get there by simply exchanging goods and services for money, hoping to make a profit as you solve that problem.  Something extra needs to be added called Social Capital.

In 2016 the Eldeman Trust Barrometer found that 50% of global consumers use participating in Social Good and a sense of purpose as an important factor in making a decision to exchange money with you or a company. That’s tipping point in a signature global value change. So you need to add this important piece to your business model.  How do you make the consumer feel like they’re contributing to the greater good and feel a sense of purpose beyond you just giving a portion of your proceeds to charity? That’s the 1980’s model of a social give back. You need to go further today.

Since you’re also solving a world problem, trading goods and services for money isn’t always the best model for you either.

As an example…

I help successful entrepreneurs and professionals discover what they’re really on the planet to do; what world problem they are here to solve; and how to build a profitable social business enterprise so they can get paid well to focus on solving that problem.

The greater good you contribute to, when you buy from me, is that you’re contributing to the world positively changing.

Because my business model also allows me to give back, without financial exchange, to budding entrepreneurs with great ideas and innovations, in disadvantaged situations, and help them get their ideas off the ground, there’s a bigger ripple effect that occurs in you deciding to work with me other than getting your social business to profitability.  Since my Purpose is about creating world peace through businesses that serve humanity and the planet, you get to be part of that purpose as well.

Now I’m really clear and congruent in my monetization model, message and niche problem because I’ve used a new social business 2.0 model that has a foundation on my Mission Mojo. This is the term I use for the extraordinary power you have to effect massive change by being 100% aligned to core elements within your purpose, fulfilling your life’s mission in the way you’re here to fulfil it. Mission Mojo is the foundation for tapping into the greatest power to change the world that you have, therefore it should be the foundation of your Social Business Enterprise.

To begin you on your journey of finding your Mission Mojo, you want to be asking these questions:

  1. When do you feel most passionate in a business expression context – IE: How are you expressing yourself?
  2. Which of the 21 world problems are you here to solve?
  3. What’s the message you’re here to deliver that will begin to solve that problem as well as help you figure out the product, service and best delivery method to base your business on?
  4. What group of people have you come to this planet to serve (niche market)?
  5. How does all of this come together to form the foundation of your social business enterprise?

Obviously some form of self discovery work is going to be needed to do that. I’ve found most people, including myself, need a process and outside guidance to get the alignment right. That’s why I’ve created a special video training for you.

You can check it out here.

Step Three: Monetize So You Get Paid Well To Solve World Problems

Business 1.0 is often based on one type of service or product, or a handful. And in some industries that may continue to work. But not always for the Social Entrepreneur. Then you have the fast changing world of technology making products and services obsolete faster and faster. We’re coming into the age of A.I and drones. The evolution of that technology is rolling out faster than the ethics consciousness shift is occurring in humanity or any regulatory framework.

You’re going to need a robust, highly leveraged and fluid monetization model that can stand the test of time or scale and grow as technology changes things. Otherwise your business could fast become like the buggy whip maker of the Industrial revolution.

As I’ve learned from the teachings of Buckminster Fuller, Generalized Principles or Laws of Nature are universally applicable working in all instances all the time… So aligning your monetization model to these principles is going to work for all types of enterprises, being universally applicable. If you work these laws they work for you in every instance. I’ve helped incubate over 1,000 social businesses over the past 7 years using these laws and I see them create rapid growth every time the business owner uses them.

Which is why I say…

“When you align your business model and strategies to the Undefeatable Laws of Nature, your missions for world change become like those laws – Undefeatable.”

This is by the way how I got to save a billion dollar industry in six months when the industry itself struggled for seven years – Undefeatable Laws.

It all starts with getting crystal clear on the higher purpose of your existence within the context of you being mature, highly skilled and able at a time when we are making an unprecedented quantum leap in our evolutionary history in making. You’re born to be mature at a time when the problems of the world threaten our existence and you came here with a role to play in reversing that trajectory to steer it to what Eckhart Tolle has called The New Earth.

What have you really come to this planet to do? What problem have you come here to solve? How do you put your success strategy together so you can get well paid to focus on solving that problem?

The answers to those questions form the triad that creates the foundation of a social business enterprise that make a big impact because you’re getting paid well to focus your time and talent on solving it in your unique Mission Mojo lane.

If you’d like to begin your journey to answering some of those questions, why not come to my next free Masterclass – Monetize Your Mission : Leave A Legacy.

I’ll be explaining more about how you clarify your mission and monetize it so you can make the big impact you’re here to make and the money you want to make as you solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

>>> Register for Monetize Your Mission : Leave A Legacy

Monetize Your Mission For World Change

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3 Success Factors For A Thriving Social Business

Has it ever occurred to you that the one thing you’d like most to change in the world, might actually be part of your mission?

I discovered a great many things that year. The least of which was that when we get that calling into higher world service, there are always clues as to what that service is and how to monetise it. AND it seams that each of us contributes to solving a problem in the world through the ripple effect, regardless of the size of the mission simvastatin generic name.In the infamous year of 2012 I took an unofficial survey of over 1,000 clients who came to me wanting to build a social business that would leave a legacy. Most of them were successful, but they had a gnawing feeling inside that there was a bigger mission looming. They just couldn’t put their finger on what that was for themselves. Which is why they came to me.

To my great and grateful surprise, I also discovered that each of us has a Mission Blueprint that outlines the best path for us to tap into the Universal Ocean of Abundance by stepping up into our higher purpose. Makes sense, because if we want to expand our financial experience we’re going to need to expand our vision, our actions and our selves to get it.

We’re Here To Make A Bigger Difference

I believe that 2012 was a massive transformational year in the psyche of humanity and we’re just beginning to see the results of that transformation now. I saw this big shift in my clientele that year. Previously about 85% of new clients came to me just wanting to know how to drive their business into greater prosperity. 99.9% of all my 2012 clients came to me saying one of two things:

  1. I feel like there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing that would make a bigger difference; or
  2. I’m earning good money but I want a business that gives back, but I’m scared I won’t make as much money.

It was like 2012 switched on the light, put out the call and catalysed a mass awakening and calling into our higher purpose – “Time to get to work and turn our mother earth ship in a new direction”.

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Business – The Next BIG Growth Industry

People started to want to marry these two ideas of wanting to make a difference, but still wanting an abundant standard of living, in greater and greater numbers.Online Generator Little alchemist Gems

Since then the growth of people monetising their mission has lead to the development of a robust social business industry. In fact social entrepreneurship is now touted to be the next big growth industry of the 21st Century. Entrepreneurs are using business skills to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

Deloitte University Press have coined the phrase that this is a “Solution Economy” emerging. See a problem, set up a business to solve it. But just because you go into business to solve a problem doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at solving it, or financially viable. Unless of course it is your precise mission to solve it.

Just because you start a social business, doesn’t mean it’s going to be any more successful than a mercenary business which is only based on making money. Monetizing your mission to make a difference in today’s global economy needs a few extra success factors at your foundation.

Mission Driven Social Business Success Factors

A social business model, to be successfully monetised needs to master these three concepts:

  • You must be doing what you’re on this planet to do – Your Precise Life Mission. Otherwise you’re Soul will keep manifesting struggle, distraction and poor results until you finally get the message and finally answer the calling that you’re meant for bigger things.
  • You must be leading in your business via whatever expression methods lead to your greater expansion. Because you’re a Changemaker and therefore going to be expanding the world experience through the difference you make, you need some mojo. Your greater Mission Mojo comes when you express yourself via your soul’s primary expression modalities.This is because your Soul has magnetic power to manifest. So when you’re expanding beyond your current experience, you have the greatest activation of magnetic mojo power there is precisely because you’re fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose of expansion.
  • Your monetisation model needs to be leveraged, lead with social profit, and leave a legacy. The definition of monetisation is not to just sell stuff. You see social entrepreneurship isn’t about selling a product or service to make money. That’s the traditional business model.It’s about the triple bottom line – Purpose, People and Profit. It’s also all about leveraged income and leaving legacy, so when you go on vacation, or leave the planet, your solution still gets out, and money still comes in. People are benefiting from your gifts and talents here on earth long after you’ve moved on.

When we get the marriage right of these three concepts, not only do we take our rightful place in at the Universal Picnic Table of life, we’re participating in the transformation of the world. I truly believe that when we on mass step up to our higher calling and make more money by making a bigger difference, we’ll accelerate positive change in the world. By becoming Magnificent Changemakers in this way, we are contributing to the creation of a Magnificent World where all may prosper.

I’ve had the vision. I’ve seen the divine plan for the peaceful transition into this New Earth that Eckhart Tolle talks about. That vision happens when each of us answers that calling, and get’s whatever help is needed to make sure your on mission and set up for it to be accomplished!

An Invitation To Become A Magnificent Changemaker

If you’re feeling like there’s something else out there that you’re meant to be doing, and you want to make more money by making a bigger difference, then I’ve made a special Multi-Media Training just for you. It’s the Ultimate Social Entrepreneur Training for people wanting to use their business skills to drive social and planetary change.

You Can Download my Magnificent Changemakers Blueprint: The Proven 5 Step Formula that reveals what You’re REALLY here to do and how to monetise that mission to leave a legacy.

>>> Download The Blueprint Today <<<

How Spirituality Clarifies Your Successful Career Direction

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If you’re looking for clarity on your career direction and you’re wanting to experience deeper meaning with a greater sense of purpose, then you’re going to love this article because I’m going to reveal the one thing you need to focus onto experience exactly that.

For too long our working world has segregated the search of spirituality and career success into two very separate camps. The ongoing GFC and the floundering recovery has given birth to a new and fast growing movement in the search of deeper meaning to the work we do. More and more people across the globe are asking, “How can I make a bigger difference?”. “There’s got to be more to my working life than money right?”

Today we live in the most exciting of times where social entrepreneurship is birthing a new wave of jobs and career paths for workers and job seekers. It’s our spirituality, in particular our Soul’s Purpose for being on the planet, that gives us the greatest clues as to where our successful career direction lies, in terms of bringing money, purpose, passion and meaning together. No longer do we need to work a job that has no meaning to us, just to get bills paid. There’s a world of new opportunities that allow us to express our self and our spiritual purpose all while making the kind of money we deserve.

It was Steven Covey of, “7 Habits of Highly Effective” who said “If the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall, every step you take just gets you to the wrong place faster.” We need to start then, by getting that career ladder against the right wall. That has to do with finding a particular aspect of your Life Purpose called your Soul Primary Expression Modalities.

Your Soul, the animating force in you that connects you to Spirit, your body and your Life Purpose, has incarnated to expand. When you expand you experience meaning, purpose and joy in life.

Think about this… The days you go to work and you get to express yourself in ways you enjoy, or you learn something or gain a new skill… These are the days you come home feeling satisfied. That’s because you’ve expanded. Now on the days you feel trapped doing something you don’t enjoy, expressing yourself in ways that don’t fulfill you, or not expressing yourself at all, you come home feeling lack luster and bored. Perhaps even empty! Because you’re not expressing yourself in ways your Soul determined would bring you the greatest joy and success.

The name of the game then is expression!

So that number one thing you need to focus on that will give you the greatest clarity on your successful career direction, tap you into deeper meaning, greater purpose and joy, are your Soul Primary Expression Modalities. How have you come here to expression yourself for the Soul Purpose of expansion?

For me those expressions are writing, speaking, teaching, traveling, visioning, transforming, solving world problems, creating with the emphasis on the writing. Now if you asked me, “What makes you feel the most passionate?” prior to discovering my Soul expressions, I never would have told you that writing was the thing for me. I didn’t connect to that as being what makes me feel alive inside. Yet when I reoriented my working life around writing more and monetizing all of my Soul Primary Expression modalities, my life found meaning. Daily I feel on track with my purpose and I’m super happy and passionately engaged throughout my working day.

It’s not asking the questions, “What am I passionate about?,” or “What makes me happy?,” or “What is my life purpose?,” that leads you to choosing the best career path.

Now here’s where it gets super spiritual for you… What does lead to that clarity of direction is a little Soul searching into the deeper meaning behind what you’re doing in life right now, and certain important milestones in your life to date.

You are never left alone in your search. You may just need some guidance in that search to find those clues your Soul is dropping everywhere. When you find these clues, you get a better sense of what it is you’re here to do. In my book , the essence of the material teaches that you have come here to express yourself in a handful of ways called Soul Primary expression modalities.

Everyone has between 5 – 8 expression modalities that will help you find what direction your career needs to go in, what industry you’re best serving in, where you’re going to have the greatest success, sense of purpose, meaning and joy and where you can make the biggest difference.

When you know those expressions, you know what type of role you need to be looking for – what you actually need to be doing – Even whether you need to be looking for a job or going into business. This in turn gives you greater clarity in not only your job search or what to do next along your career path, this information also helps you clarify if you need to retrain or up-skill. Many clients who come to me in search of a new career direction often lack clarity and get stuck on the decision to retrain. By knowing what your Soul Primary Expression Modalities are, that “stuckness” and lack of clarity gets sorted out quickly.

What makes one women or man expressing themselves through writing, teaching, managing, administering, connecting, selling and so on having great success while another struggles? – Most likely because those expressions aren’t their Soul Primary Expressions. They’re not here to express themselves in this way. They’ll find success expressing themselves in the very way they came here to experience expansion.

The search then for greater meaning, purpose and success then needs to start by seeking and finding what your 5-8 Soul Primary Expression Modalities are. Here’s where you’ll be able to marry your spirituality with your right and successful career direction.

Now here’s the thing. Our education system, society at large and sometimes even peer pressure have beaten out of us the ability to seek and find the clues that lead us to clarity. That’s one of the reasons why there is a growing industry of spiritual teachers, life coaches and career guides.

By working with over 1,000 in one very intense year in 2012, I discovered that most people don’t have a connection to the way their Soul communicates clues to them. And hint hint, it’s not through voices in your head that you will get that communication.

Most people, I have found, including me, have needed a skilled professional to shine light in their mind and help them make that connection. Once they do they’re off and away for themselves. This is one of the reasons why I developed a training program that helped purpose seekers find, follow and accurately monetize that purpose so they could have that greater depth of meaning and joy in life. It all starts with developing a deeper connection to your Soul communication system and knowing how those clues are being dropped in your life, in your thinking and your feelings.

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How to Become A Successful Social Entrepreneur

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Deloitte University Press coined the phrase, “The Solution Economy”. In my world of mentoring and speaking the popular phrase, “Heart Centered Economy” has arisen as we’re in a relationship based world where buying decisions are becoming more heart based motivated. Social Entrepreneurs have embraced this heart centered solution economy idea wholeheartedly.

The recent rise of social entrepreneurship is seeing entrepreneurs going into business from a heart based desire to make a big difference and address some of the world’s toughest problems using a triple bottom line value system – People, Planet, Prosperity. However, just because a business is set up for social or planetary good doesn’t mean it escapes the same statistics of failure as traditional business models.

The Social Entrepreneur has complex criteria that need to be met in order to consider themselves successful. The ability to make more money by making a difference so you can go on to make an even bigger difference in the world is paramount. The connection to a higher purpose is important as is the actual change outcomes of the activities the social entrepreneur engages in. Bottom line! The business has to be meaningful, impactful and financially sustaining.

How does, then, the social entrepreneur achieve that when the statistics of success are stacked against them?

What are the keys to success for the social entrepreneur?

In my personal experience as a serial entrepreneur and my current business as The Mission Mentor, I have come to understand that the alignment between the right strategy and the spirit of our ‘reason for being here’, or life purpose, is the critical piece of the success puzzle a social entrepreneur must get right.

It was Steven Covey of, “7 Habits of Highly Effective” who said “If the ladder is against the wrong wall you just end up in the wrong place faster.” To avoid the fate of traditional business the social entrepreneur needs to get their ladder up against the right wall so they end up in the right place faster, otherwise those world problems the social entrepreneur goes into business to address, never get solved.

Here are three keys to getting that ladder up against the right wall and aligning your business or career path for a double triple bottom line that yields successful outcomes – Purpose, Passion, Profit for People, Planet & Prosperity:

1. Do What You’re Here To Do – Making sure your doing what you’re supposed to be doing is so important I wrote a book about it, called Discover What You Are Here To Do. The essence of the book teaches that you have come here to express yourself in a handful of ways called expression modalities.

Everyone has between 5 – 8 expression modalities that when expressed in your business or working life you will feel the greatest joy, deep sense of purpose, passion and fulfilment. You will make the biggest difference and you’re pretty much guaranteed success because it’s the very thing you’re here to do and you have the power of your purpose behind you moving you forward;

2. Monetize In The New Heart Centered Economy – You need to get your monetization model right. Charging for your products and services is not monetization it’s selling and working a job with a self paid salary. Monetization refers to the conversion of an asset into money. Inherent in that activity is leverage. It’s not exchange for cash but conversion of an asset.

The asset throws off the money hence leverages your activity. Your asset can be product and service based, but there needs to be a delivery system that creates leverage in order for it to be an asset. Your assets need to touch people emotionally and move people physically in order to be properly monetized in the Heart Centered Economy.

3. Mindset Alignment – Tony Robbins, The Personal Development Giant said, “Success is 20% strategy and 80% psychology.” We now know our thoughts carry electrical charge and that when we think something repeatedly electrons begin to line up in our brain to create electromagnetism. We begin to magnetize to us the very things we think repeatedly. The problem is much of our thinking is unconscious and we’re not aware of it.

We also know that as much as 50% of the beliefs stored in our brain are inherited from our ancestors. This is why you can wake up one day and realize you are thinking, speaking and acting just like your mother or father even though you had ever intention not to. The brain patterns are stored in your brain.

Mindset Alignment has to do with making sure both your subconscious mind and brain are in agreement with the outcomes and goals you’re working on. To do that you need to first decipher the beliefs that will get you your outcomes, then eliminate the resistant beliefs that stand in the way of achieving that outcome.
If you’re looking to make a bigger difference and either leave the corporate world to build a social business, or are an existing entrepreneur wanting greater meaning and impact, then start your journey by getting your alignment right. Get your ladder up against the right wall so you position yourself for the greatest success across the double triple bottom line – Purpose, Passion, Profit for People, Planet and Prosperity.

Think of it like this! When your spine is out of alignment it hurts and you can’t walk very fast. The further you walk down the path the more it hurts, the more out of alignment you become until eventually you end up with a chronic situation that takes you out of the game. When your spine is properly aligned you can not only walk without hurting, you can walk fast and stay on the path without deviating all the way to mission accomplished. The world sure needs us to be accomplishing our missions with great speed.

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