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Making Sure New Year Plans Are Successful Part 1

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Eliminating Subconscious Mind Limiting & Sabotaging Beliefs That Create Failed Goals & Failed New Years Resolutions There is no point in making new years resolutions or new goals if your previous resolutions and goals failed. They failed because there were limiting beliefs, even sabotaging beliefs acting as blocks to your success.  Even if you’ve had the misfortune, like I have this year, of having external saboteurs damage your missions, it is still true that sabotaging beliefs are operating to magnetize that experience to you. Those beliefs don’t magically disappear just because the clock strikes 12:01 am on January 1st. If you don’t eliminate our limiting and sabotaging beliefs in any area of our lives negative patterns, unwanted experiences and obstacles will continue to slow you down. You will never reach your goals and end up instead with a steady stream of failed goals. The Power Of The Subconscious To Screw Up Your Year It was Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, who said, “95% of your day is living out beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.” That’s a lot of unconsciousness! You spend day after day after day over a year, not examining your subconscious mind for what is creating the negative…

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The Changemakers Challenge of Resistance To Change & Sabotage

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How To Green Light Your Mission For World Change Despite Saboteurs Researching my new book I was struck by how many fantastic social enterprises, social innovation projects and ecopreneurial innovations are in start-up. I also became aware of how many great campaigns for missions for change are being held back, handicaped, and halted because of the number #1 problem Changemakers face – Resistance to Change and the saboteurs that resistance brings. One of the biggest challenges I see Changemakers having to face, is this challenge of sabotage. Whether that sabotage is in the form of self defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviour; naysayers or trolls stopping you from building support; apathetic masses not adopting your vision; unconscious leaders and incompetent decision makers creating policies that outright stop your mission in its tracks; self invested people and anti-competitive corporations making it difficult to get forward momentum; to out right sabotaging behaviours of teams members and opposing forces… I believe sabotage is our greatest challenge as Changemakers.  Sabotage is something we need to learn how to address and conquer, if we are to succeed. So I wanted to share with you the number one powerful resource you MUST use to overcome internal and external…

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How To Influence Change

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3 Tips To Help You Influence Change, Influence People And Be The Change! As ‪changemakers and social entrepreneurs on missions to create positive change in the world, we need to know how to influence change so people support our missions for change. Without being influential when we speak, or knowing how to influence people to change their mind on a particular issue, our missions may run the risk of never coming to fruition. Changemakers and social entrepreneurs often get frustrated if they lack influence, because then we have to revert to to convincing someone of our cause. That! can eventually lead to despondancy and burnout. Dealing with a lack of openness and consciousness can make you boil over if you’re not careful. And let’s face it, as changemakers we’re not the norm, yet we need to influence people who think mainstream, sometimes on a daily basis. That’s our job. That is how change eventually occurs. So how do you influence change in people’s views without feeling like you’re beating your head up against a brick wall? The key is to remain calm and practice the following 3 “Strategy With Spirit” approaches: Be Mindful of the fact that you don’t have to convince the…

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Monetize Your Mission For World Change - Discover Your Mission In Life and Make a Difference

How To Monetize Your Mission For World Change

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If you’re someone who wants to see the world change into a more positive place where all prosper, and you’d like to be working toward that, rather than joylessly working for money just to pay bills, you’re certainly not alone. This desire has given rise to Social Entrepreneurship and a whole new way of doing business for good and social change. Escalating unsolved problems in the world have corresponded with a huge growth in people wanting to have greater meaning in their working life and seeking to find their purpose, so they can make a bigger difference. But the age old problem of having to get bills paid often keeps people stuck in working jobs or being in businesses they don’t like, to get those bills paid. They fear the leap needed to be on the path of making more money by making a bigger difference will leave them in financial struggle. Now if that call to make a difference and live true to your purpose doesn’t get answered, life becomes flat and we seek passion in often addictive behaviours to compensate – Like drinking copious cups of tea 🙂 to get some kind of exciting happening in our day. As…

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The High Cost of Delaying Life Direction Corrections

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Have you ever been slam dunked by the Universe, because you ignored or didn’t act on intuitive guidance to reassess or make an important mid course correction? How do you know if you need to reassess the direction you’re going in? Read on to find out… Several decades ago I learned from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, that when we’re off track and need to pay attention to something, the Universe will send us a Mini to nudge us in the right direction. If we don’t stop to learn the lesson and realign we’ll get sent a truck. If we keep ignoring the signs and lessons, eventually we get sent a Mac Truck that flattens us, to give us an opportunity to finally listen, regroup and realign to the right path. That Mini can come in many forms including a friend, colleague or client asking you if you’re on track; It can come in the form of a failed campaign or strategy; It can come via a sense that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing, or something’s not quite right. Ignore those signs and you’ll be sent signals in the form of a minor illness,…

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