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Making Sure New Year Plans Are Successful Part 1

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Eliminating Subconscious Mind Limiting & Sabotaging Beliefs That Create Failed Goals & Failed New Years Resolutions

new year planning, new years resolution, goal settingThere is no point in making new years resolutions or new goals if your previous resolutions and goals failed. They failed because there were limiting beliefs, even sabotaging beliefs acting as blocks to your success.  Even if you’ve had the misfortune, like I have this year, of having external saboteurs damage your missions, it is still true that sabotaging beliefs are operating to magnetize that experience to you.

Those beliefs don’t magically disappear just because the clock strikes 12:01 am on January 1st.

If you don’t eliminate our limiting and sabotaging beliefs in any area of our lives negative patterns, unwanted experiences and obstacles will continue to slow you down. You will never reach your goals and end up instead with a steady stream of failed goals.

The Power Of The Subconscious To Screw Up Your Year

goal setting, belief clearing, clear limiiting beliefs, subconscious mind trainingIt was Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, who said, “95% of your day is living out beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.” That’s a lot of unconsciousness! You spend day after day after day over a year, not examining your subconscious mind for what is creating the negative experiencing in your life, then 95% of your year will occur outside of your conscious control.

Wouldn’t it be far better to create, goal set, and live our day more consciously? Do you think you might get better results if you did so?

In order to have different experiences than what you have right now, or new experiences, then you need different beliefs and ideas operating. So if you want to give yourself the greatest chance of a BRAND NEW YEAR with all the hope and possibilities it brings, you need to identify and eliminate the beliefs that held you back this year.

This is why after Boxing Day, on the 27th of December, I devote my power hour in the morning, and then some, to revisiting any failed goals or dreams I had the previous year. And making sure there aren’t any sabotaging beliefs still operating that could carry over into my new year. If I find limiting beliefs I eliminate them and create a new scenario of beliefs that will get me to where I want to go.

I do this self examination exercise first, because no amount of strategic planning, goal setting, creative visualization, affirming, humming or action will succeed while there are counter beliefs operating in your subconscious mind. They need to be found and fished out, transmuted and replaced with support beliefs that will get you to where you are going.

You need a Matrix of Magnetic Beliefs that draw to you the experiences, things and goals you want. That’s how it works.

Doing regular belief work is super important to Changemakers because we have important missions that need to be achieved. If we don’t achieve them then the world is bereft of the goodness our missions can bring. In my 1st Habit of Highly Effective Changemakers  – Do The Inner Work, belief work is one of the steps to developing this all important habit. It’s so important that I have added an entire module to my Right Mission Right Money, because without it, you’ll be blocked from knowing what your action mission blueprint is for this life.

Here’s What To Do On 27th of December: Remove Those Limiting Beliefs

  1. Make a list of all the bad $#@#^%$### that happened over the year;
  2. Circle the repeatative patterns;
  3. Now examine each experience, starting with the repeatative patterns, and Fish Out Liming Beliefs – clearly identify the actual wording of the belief that is drawing to you, that experience.
  4. Then disarm it and eliminate it.

Now I bet your asking, well yes Nicola but how do I do that!

Glad you asked. Learning how to identify your own limiting and sabotaging beliefs is a timely thing to teach. It has cost me LITERALLY tens of thousands of dollars in training and belief clearing over the years. But I realize that we just don’t have time to waste getting clear of those beliefs that hold us back. We need a quick and simple solution.

A-Changemakers-Guide-To-Winning-Over-SaboteursThis is one of the reasons why I released my report “A Changemakers Guide To Winning Over Saboteurs” just in time for you to learn how to deal with those pesky sabotaging beliefs and external saboteurs to your mission. I take my years of training and experience and condense it down into the basics. I also walk you through my process to quickly disarm beliefs. Go grab yourself a copy while it’s only ten bucks.

Finally, if you’re serious about having solid foundation for 2015, don’t carry the limitations of 2014 over into the new year. Do yourself a favour some time out to set your year up right and remove those limiting and self sabotaging beliefs. Give yourself the Gift of a Breakthrough at years end.

If you’d like me to help you with that, be sure grab “A Changemakers Guide To Winning Over Saboteurs”  and do the training and process contained there in. You’ll also have an opportunity to do the advanced training with me. All the details are here.

Wishing you all the very best for the coming year ahead.

5 Steps To A Great Year Ahead

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Nicola Grace
Your Mission Mentor


The Changemakers Challenge of Resistance To Change & Sabotage

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How To Green Light Your Mission For World Change Despite Saboteurs

Researching my new book I was struck by how many fantastic social enterprises, social innovation projects and ecopreneurial innovations are in start-up. I also became aware of how many great campaigns for missions for change are being held back, handicaped, and halted because of the number #1 problem Changemakers face – Resistance to Change and the saboteurs that resistance brings.

One of the biggest challenges I see Changemakers having to face, is this challenge of sabotage. Whether that sabotage is in the form of self defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviour; naysayers or trolls stopping you from building support; apathetic masses not adopting your vision; unconscious leaders and incompetent decision makers creating policies that outright stop your mission in its tracks; self invested people and anti-competitive corporations making it difficult to get forward momentum; to out right sabotaging behaviours of teams members and opposing forces…

I believe sabotage is our greatest challenge as Changemakers.  Sabotage is something we need to learn how to address and conquer, if we are to succeed.

So I wanted to share with you the number one powerful resource you MUST use to overcome internal and external saboteurs; PLUS the simple 16 word phrase, that if you follow, will make your missions Undefeatable, and help you quickly gain forward progress, in spite of saboteurs.

changemaker-challengeYou see this is what typically happens to Changemakers who want to bring positive change into the world – immediately self doubt and naysayers kick into gear to create resistance and potentially sabotage you…..

But there’s one major problem you’ll run into.. if you don’t deal with the cause of that resistance… then it shows up in ever increasing power until, eventually you have trolls, team members, anti competitive corporations, even government… sabotaging your efforts with counter missions.

How Quantum Physics Can Help Changemakers Overcome Saboteurs

…… Well there is a good reason why that happens. It’s called the Laws of Nature – or Laws of Physics.

Our world and our reality are governed by Laws of Physics we commonly refer to as The Laws of Nature. You will have learned about the Law of Gravity and Newtons 3rd Law of Motion in school. In the last decade the idea of a Law of Attraction has been made popular by the movie, The Secret. One of the Laws you need to pay particular attention to as a Changemaker, is The Law of Growth – everything that comes into existence seeks to grow.

So if there is resistance to your idea or mission, then that resistance will seek to grow just as much as your idea or mission will seek to grow. Unless You Consciously Use Other Laws To Make Sure It’s Your Idea That Wins Over Resistance. So you end up asking the question – If there are Laws in Nature that mean I’ll always face resistance, how will I ever succeed, especially if this resistance creates saboteurs that stop my progress?

Well I struggled with the same question for a long time. But after winning an award for creating a winning mission strategy that saved a billion dollar changemaker industry from being sabotaged, in 2006, And after working with other Changemakers for the past 8 years, teaching them everything I know about using the Undefeatable Laws of Nature to succeed, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

I’ve landed on on a 16 word phrase, that if you follow, will make your missions succeed and quickly help you gain forward progress, in spite of saboteurs. Plus it will tap you into your Potential Power to change the world in your Pyjamas…

And that 16 word phrase goes something like this:

Applying Undefeatable Laws of Nature to missions for change, makes those missions like those Laws – Undefeatable!

Now I know that might sound a bit out there, or not make sense to you just yet, so let me put this in context.

Imagine you have someone come up to you in an attempt to sabotage your efforts by distracting you with naysaying or argumentative behaviour.

Happens a lot right?

You’re not able to get your tasks done because now you have to deal with this character. They leave the room, but they don’t leave your head. Now you’re all worked up. You become unfocused, and thoughts of what you’d really like to say to this character keep entering your head, taking up prime real estate. And so the distraction continues. The more you think about what just happened the more worked up you get. By the end of the day you’ve lost productivity.

Well, working behind the scenes in these types of scenarios, is a Chain of Events in Nature, that attract that argumentative person in the first place. Then grows the situation into something bigger, that could potentially stop your mission in its tracks.

The Creative Power Of A Changemakers Mind

It starts with the Law of Mind – Mind is ALWAYS creative.

The Law Of Mind The #1 Powerful Resource You MUST Use Correctly To Overcome Internal And External Saboteurs. Otherwise It Works Against You

See how this works is that You have a thought then have a reactionary thought – The Law of Growth kicks in here because – any thought or thing that comes into existence seeks to grow – so your mind seeks to grow the original reactionary thought. You find yourself having the same and similar thoughts over and over and again. If you keep enacting these two steps of thinking a thought and following up by thinking another similar thought, the conflict inside your head will eventually come into fruition via the Law of Periodicity, which governs cycles of Birth, Growth, Fruition and Decline,

The Law Of Gravity, Which Determines When Critical Mass Is Reached, Will Bring The Situation In Your Into Manifestation.
 And That Is How The Laws Of Nature Work Allowing Saboteurs To Win Over You!

So you see these Laws of Nature are working in you whether you are conscious of them or not. Better to be conscious of them because the same chain of events in nature can help YOU to be winning over saboteurs. As well as help you tap you into your personal power to move past blocks and make forward progress.

These Undefeatable Laws of Nature make it incredibly easy for a Changemaker, to disarm internal and external saboteurs, so they don’t stop your mission in its tracks. And the best part is, this creative chain of events works for every type of mission for change, providing you meet the conditions of each of the Laws in the cycle. This is because any Universal Law of Nature can be applied universally in any situation.

If it can’t be applied in any and all situations then it’s not a Law. It’s just an idea.

So you need to learn how to use this creative chain of events to work to your advantage and not the advantage of saboteurs. Now at this point most of my new clients ask me this simple question: How can I make my missions for world change successful if one of the biggest blocks, is the resistance to change? They all want to know if I can also help them apply these Undefeatable Laws of Nature to remove resistance within themselves and in others.

A Changemakers Guide To Winning, Over Saboteurs

A-Changemakers-Guide-To-Winning-Over-SaboteursIt just so happens, that I have a brand new detailed report that can help you do exactly that. And if you’re interested, you can visit A Changemakers Guide to Winning Over Saboteurs website here, or click the image to the right here.

  1. If You’re Looking For Help In How To Overcome Resistance to your missions for change;
  2. As Well As Triumph Over Self Defeating Behaviour, Self Sabotage Or Sabotage By Others;

Be sure to grab my Brand
 New Report. This report will help you:

  • Tap into your personal power to disarm and discrete saboteurs; and
  • Create forward progress to mission accomplished, despite resistance
  • plus a whole lot more of course.

and the cool part is it’s only $10 bucks – for now at least.

So go ahead and check out all the details here.

If we, as social innovators, social entrepreneurs, changemakers, visionary leaders, green business owners, ecopreneurs, eco activists, and campaigners for world change, don’t master the ability to overcome obstacles, win the game over the saboteurs, then the magnificent world we all dream of living will struggle, and the luddites will have won the day. Something I hope this report will go a long way to prevent from happening.

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How To Influence Change

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How To Influence Change

3 Tips To Help You Influence Change, Influence People And Be The Change!

As changemakers and social entrepreneurs on missions to create positive change in the world, we need to know how to influence change so people support our missions for change. Without being influential when we speak, or knowing how to influence people to change their mind on a particular issue, our missions may run the risk of never coming to fruition.

Changemakers and social entrepreneurs often get frustrated if they lack influence, because then we
have to revert to to convincing someone of our cause. That! can eventually lead to despondancy and burnout.

Dealing with a lack of openness and consciousness can make you boil over if you’re not careful. And let’s face it, as changemakers we’re not the norm, yet we need to influence people who think mainstream, sometimes on a daily basis.

That’s our job. That is how change eventually occurs.

So how do you influence change in people’s views without feeling like you’re beating your head up against a brick wall?

The key is to remain calm and practice the following 3 “Strategy With Spirit” approaches:

  1. Be Mindful of the fact that you don’t have to convince the whole world to advance your mission. World Change only ever occurred because of a few brave Souls like yourself.
    influence change, influence people, how to, social entrepreneur, changeamaker
  2. Grant Beingness to those who frustrate you. This will keep your blood pressure low, earn you respect of your opponent and pave the way for real dialogue now or something in the future. Respect for all beings, not matter how abhorrent they are to you, will bring you into oneness with them, and that is where the real shift can occur.Granting beingness doesn’t mean you agree or accept their behaviour, it means you have awareness that as a being they have a Soul who is only a journey and just like you is in a learning process.
  3. Question Their View Point by asking them, “When did you start believing that?” This is a question that makes them automatically reflect on the fact that what they are saying is merely a belief system. They may not respond to you right away. They may respond in a defensive manner. It doesn’t matter – THE FIX IS IN.

Somewhere the question has been heard, and somewhere in time the belief system will unravel. Don’t worry about when that is. Remember point 1 – “You don’t have to convince the whole world to advance your mission. World Change only ever occurred because of a few brave Souls like yourself.”

Practice these three principles over the coming days, weeks and months and get back to me about how effective they have made you as a changemaker or social entrepreneur.  Becoming a highly effective changemaker is a process that takes time just like becoming effective at anything else.

Let me know how much more influential you have become and share your success stories or not so successful trials. Becoming more influential takes time, it’s not always and overnight habit to form. But it is worth it to persevere, and the world could certainly use more influential changemakers.

This is a “Strategy With Spirit” approach to creating change in the world. You can learn more about how you can use this approach to accelerate your missions for change at http://www.StrategyWithSpirit.comJoin our Evolutionary Community of Changemakers, Social Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Campaigners and Difference Makers using holistic strategies to achieve their missions for change. Membership is free.

Monetize Your Mission For World Change - Discover Your Mission In Life and Make a Difference

How To Monetize Your Mission For World Change

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If you’re someone who wants to see the world change into a more positive place where all prosper, and you’d like to be working toward that, rather than joylessly working for money just to pay bills, you’re certainly not alone. This desire has given rise to Social Entrepreneurship and a whole new way of doing business for good and social change.

Escalating unsolved problems in the world have corresponded with a huge growth in people wanting to have greater meaning in their working life and seeking to find their purpose, so they can make a bigger difference. But the age old problem of having to get bills paid often keeps people stuck in working jobs or being in businesses they don’t like, to get those bills paid. They fear the leap needed to be on the path of making more money by making a bigger difference will leave them in financial struggle.

Now if that call to make a difference and live true to your purpose doesn’t get answered, life becomes flat and we seek passion in often addictive behaviours to compensate – Like drinking copious cups of tea 🙂 to get some kind of exciting happening in our day.

As the years go by and you know you’re supposed to be doing something else, but you don’t take any action on that knowing, eventually life looses all meaning and leads to depression. You see, when you’re living life 100% true to your purpose, fulfilling the very mission you were born to succeed in, life is meaningful and satisfying. You feel deeply fulfilled and greatful for the opportunity to give back. You’re making a difference and the world is made better for your work.

Make Money Living 100% True To Your Purpose

However, you may not be making enough money to pay the bills. It’s a complete myth that if you do what you love the money will follow. Great title for a book, but there’s a lot more to creating financial prosperity living a life of purpose thank just doing what you love. There’s a missing link in a lot of purpose work being taught today, and that missing link is monetization. You need to be properly monetized so the money can indeed follow.

Make Money by Making a  DifferenceIf you don’t get the monetization model right you’ll be like so many good hearted people on the planet right now, living spiritually integris lives on purpose, but struggling to pay your bills. In order to make a living while being on purpose, you need to be monetized accurately.

There are finer distinctions within your overall life purpose that can point you in the right direction of how best to make money by making a difference. Those distinctions are finding your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities – You’re entire reason for being alive on the planet! Then you need to find your mission, message and mojo because it’s here in knowing this that you get the greatest distinctions on how best to monetize your career path or business.

With the growth of Social Entrepreneurship and new models of business that make a Tripple Bottom line not only possible, but a priority – People – Planet – Prosperity – Now, more than in any time in history is it possible to make more money by making a bigger difference, no longer having to go to work doing something meaningless, just to make money. You can have it all!

Monetize Your Mission & Make A Difference

I’m holding my next workshop in Brisbane coming up in November. It’s called Right Mission Right Money – a two day life direction and self discovery experience about getting crystal clear on what you’re supposed to be doing; making the right kind of money that maintains your spiritual values and your goodness, all while contributing to the creation of a better world simvastatin 40 mg tablet. It’s a social entrepreneur training program that helps you find ideas on how to set up your career or business to create social change, environmental and political good.

We’re going to laser focus on the first two steps in my 7 Steps to Clarity On Your Mission Blueprint Formula – Clarify Your Right Direction & Locate Your Mission, Message & Mojo for Accurate Monetization. If you’re not able to join me in Brisbane, you can take either the Self Study or Self Study with Mentoring versions.

Pick your preferred option by clicking on the images below.

Right Mission Right Money Workshop Brisbane

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Monetize Your Mission For World Change Workshop Brisbane …  Social Entrepreneur Training 101

Right Mission Right Money Online Self Study & Mentoring

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Monetize Your Mission Online Self Study & Mentoring Option … Social Entrepreneur Training Online


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The High Cost of Delaying Life Direction Corrections

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Have you ever been slam dunked by the Universe, because you ignored or didn’t act on intuitive guidance to reassess or make an important mid course correction?

How do you know if you need to reassess the direction you’re going in? Read on to find out…

Several decades ago I learned from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, that when we’re off track and need to pay attention to something, the Universe will send us a Mini to nudge us in the right direction. If we don’t stop to learn the lesson and realign we’ll get sent a truck. If we keep ignoring the signs and lessons, eventually we get sent a Mac Truck that flattens us, to give us an opportunity to finally listen, regroup and realign to the right path.

That Mini can come in many forms including a friend, colleague or client asking you if you’re on track; It can come in the form of a failed campaign or strategy; It can come via a sense that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing, or something’s not quite right.

Ignore those signs and you’ll be sent signals in the form of a minor illness, things going progressively wrong (or not according to plan), persistent struggle, minor accidents, stressful challenges.

Ignore those signals and along comes that Mac Truck …. Whether it’s getting a major illness; having a major accident; working hard and going backwards financially; feeling depressed about your life; getting fired; filing for bankruptcy; loosing a relationship; that truck does come if we consistently ignore the earlier warning signals.

We pay a high price in life when we ignore warning signals and don’t take the time to reassess, regroup and realign.

You’ll know from my personal story of surviving cancer twice and saving a billion dollar industry from ruin, only to go bankrupt in my own business, that I’ve had several Mac Trucks in life. I have learned from the school of hard knocks that as soon as those early warning signals show up, it’s time to invest time in reassessing, regrouping and realigning.

So how do you know if it’s time to reassess your life direction?

I’ve seen many teachers in my industry saying that when you’re on purpose there’s flow and synchronicity happening in life. The problem with that is, because most of what we experience on a daily basis is the result of our subconscious mind programming, we could be experiencing flow and synchronicity because we are aligned to that programming.

Now that’s not a bad thing if the programming is positive and aligned to our purpose and what we want in life. But if the programming is negative, you’ll be flowing in a not so positive direction. So how do you know if you’re on track?

There are three simple ways you know you’re on track:

  1. You’re getting your desired outcomes or “even better than expected” outcomes;
  2. You wake up joyful, alive and enthusiastic, bouncing out of bed to start your day;
  3. You feel a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction at the end of your day.

Things don’t always flow when you’re on purpose. Sometimes you meet lots of challenges because that is part of your purpose. Far from flowing it can feel starchy like you’re wading through porridge. That’s why looking to the outcomes you’re creating, and the feelings you are experiencing, are key to determining whether or not you’re 100% aligned to the right direction in life.

If you do not have all three of these experiences I just listed, then something is out of alignment and it’s time to invest time in reassessing, regrouping and realigning so you avoid that Mac Truck.

It’s a good idea to take time to reassess your business or career periodically regardless of whether their are signs you’re off track. In fact it’s what successful professionals and entrepreneurs do regularly.

In my experience of helping thousands of professionals and business owners find, follow and accurately monetize their life’s work, there are 7 places I’ve found you need to reassess and realign so feel on track and avoid that Mac Truck. Here are 7 questions you can ask to make sure you are aligned in all 7 places:

Are you aligned to your Mission Blueprint – this is the blueprint for your best life outcomes and the best path to fulfil your Life’s Purpose;

Is your career or business aligned to an “Accurate Monetization Method? If it’s not you’ll be working hard for less than you want and deserve;

Do you feel connected to your Soul and it’s intuitive guidance and wisdom? This is the single most important alignment that makes all the other steps that much easier. It also helps you feel a deep sense of connection to life and the meaning of your life;

Do you have a clear strategic plan aligned to your true Life Path? Without a clear strategic plan you can too easily get derailed and lost. You could also be spending too much time in activities that won’t lead you to your desired outcomes at the expense of those activities that do;

Is your Subconscious Mind in agreement with your plans and goals? The beliefs stored in our subconscious mind determine our life outcomes. They can often be in conflict with our desire to live on purpose and in prosperity. Without a properly aligned subconscious mind that is in agreement with our actions, we will struggle to get the outcomes we’re looking for. In fact all struggle comes from being out of alignment in either the subconscious mind, our actions, our Soul’s purpose, or all three;

Are you taking Right Action? You’re wasting your time if you’re doing a whole lot, but it’s not the Right Action in alignment your best pathway forward. It’s like paddling up stream with one paddle. It’s far more efficient to strategically take Right Action in the right direction; Are you in tune with the “Rhythm Of Your Life’s Lessons” so you make sure and steady progress? Being in tune means you are aligned to your Soul, and your life, AND you’re listening for those signals to keep you on track making mid course corrections on a regular basis. We rarely get things 100% right 100% of the time. Mistakes need to be made so life lessons can be learned. The difference is that when you are aligned to your life’s rhythm you have the conscious awareness of what the signs mean and what you need to do to adjust so your corrections keep you on track.

Progressing any further in life without proper alignment in all of these 7 areas only mean, in the words of Steven Covey of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “If the ladder is against the wrong wall then every step you take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” And that could mean a Mac Truck is waiting around the bend. Why would you take one more step without knowing if you’re 100% aligned to the right direction?

So is it time for you to reassess, regroup and realign before it’s too late and life slam dunks you the harsh lesson?

In my upcoming Teleseminar series Right Mission Right Money you have an Opportunity to reassess, regroup and realign to your entire reason for being on the planet. It’s for you if you feel you need to realign to your best pathway forward in alignment with your Higher Purpose. It’s also for you if you feel there is a higher purpose to the work you do, perhaps you feel a little joyless in your current work/business and you want change to something deeply satisfying.

If you have a sense there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing Right Mission Right Money is also for you. AND if you don’t want to waste time or money pursuing the wrong pathway only to end up having to reassess once disaster has struck; then I invite you to join me in Right Mission Right Money to reassess, regroup and realign to your Life’s Work and accurate monetization method.

You’ll also be trained in how to achieve a greater connection with your Soul and intuitive guidance; how to create a Life Path Plan that strategically maps out how you get from where you are now to where you want to be, plus how to realign your subconscious mind so you can derive financial prosperity from living your Life’s Mission and Purpose, plus a whole lot more.

Read people’s success stories here.

I love teaching this work because I know when each of us step up to our Mission Blueprint we’ll be co-creating the very magnificent world we all of dream of living in. We can expect to experience the higher potential the world is capable of reaching, if we’re not prepared to step up to our higher potential and higher purpose. The world desperately needs us answering our higher calling, accurately monetised so we can focus on what we love to do, making a bigger difference without stressing about how the bills are going to get paid.

I invite you to join me on this sacred Self Discovery and Alignment journey.

>>> Be Sure To Register Today Before We Close The Cart <<<

(PS) Have I reached you at your Mini or Mac Truck {firstname}? You have probably already had an experience that has taught you the high cost of delay. So why not join me in Right Mission Right Money and get 100% fully aligned so you can have the sense of joy when you bounce out of bed in the morning; you can have the experience of “better than expected” outcomes; and you can feel that deep sense of purpose at the end of the day, truly satisfied you’ve made a bigger difference in your world.