Influencing Change

Impact 1 Million Lives #impact1millionlives

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I’m confident that you’re somewhat like me in that you feel pain when you see other people suffer. When you see injustice, extreme poverty, you feel a little sad. But you also know you want to make a difference and some how make your mark in the causes that you feel passionate about. Today I wanted to show you a social business model that I use to impact as many lives as I can, without actually having to deliver on it. This is a highly leveraged way to make a difference and leave your legacy. You see one of the biggest problems I see new clients and course participants come to me with is the desire to make a big difference but a fear of being that visible to millions of people. They think, like I use to, that being that visible means you loose your anonymity or freedom. So they hold themselves back from really stepping up to make that big huge difference. They play small with small numbers when they know they were destined to impact hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives. Leveraging Your Impact If you follow me you know I have a Purpose To Profit…

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Awakening To A New Way Of Doing Business

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A New Business Paradigm With A Law Of Nature Business Structure If you’re a awakened or awakening entrepreneur who has been working many hours in your business to drive the results, you’ve most likely said to yourself that there must be a better way – an easier way – a faster way, which means you’re really looking for a new business paradigm – a new way of doing business that doesn’t have you working so hard to flow and grow. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur having had a few businesses, feeling called to create something new that makes a big impact on the world, you most certainly have thought you don’t want to start from scratch building your business from the ground up, because it just takes too long and involves too much work to get to where you want to be. Over the past few years in my capacity as a Visionary and Business Coach, I hear all the time this dissatisfaction for the current way of doing business, and desire for a better way. A new way that isn’t so hard, or has us doing a whole lot of activities we don’t love doing to get things off the ground. My whole teaching…

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