How Spirituality Clarifies Your Successful Career Direction

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If you’re looking for clarity on your career direction and you’re wanting to experience deeper meaning with a greater sense of purpose, then you’re going to love this article because I’m going to reveal the one thing you need to focus onto experience exactly that.

For too long our working world has segregated the search of spirituality and career success into two very separate camps. The ongoing GFC and the floundering recovery has given birth to a new and fast growing movement in the search of deeper meaning to the work we do. More and more people across the globe are asking, “How can I make a bigger difference?”. “There’s got to be more to my working life than money right?”

Today we live in the most exciting of times where social entrepreneurship is birthing a new wave of jobs and career paths for workers and job seekers. It’s our spirituality, in particular our Soul’s Purpose for being on the planet, that gives us the greatest clues as to where our successful career direction lies, in terms of bringing money, purpose, passion and meaning together. No longer do we need to work a job that has no meaning to us, just to get bills paid. There’s a world of new opportunities that allow us to express our self and our spiritual purpose all while making the kind of money we deserve.

It was Steven Covey of, “7 Habits of Highly Effective” who said “If the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall, every step you take just gets you to the wrong place faster.” We need to start then, by getting that career ladder against the right wall. That has to do with finding a particular aspect of your Life Purpose called your Soul Primary Expression Modalities.

Your Soul, the animating force in you that connects you to Spirit, your body and your Life Purpose, has incarnated to expand. When you expand you experience meaning, purpose and joy in life.

Think about this… The days you go to work and you get to express yourself in ways you enjoy, or you learn something or gain a new skill… These are the days you come home feeling satisfied. That’s because you’ve expanded. Now on the days you feel trapped doing something you don’t enjoy, expressing yourself in ways that don’t fulfill you, or not expressing yourself at all, you come home feeling lack luster and bored. Perhaps even empty! Because you’re not expressing yourself in ways your Soul determined would bring you the greatest joy and success.

The name of the game then is expression!

So that number one thing you need to focus on that will give you the greatest clarity on your successful career direction, tap you into deeper meaning, greater purpose and joy, are your Soul Primary Expression Modalities. How have you come here to expression yourself for the Soul Purpose of expansion?

For me those expressions are writing, speaking, teaching, traveling, visioning, transforming, solving world problems, creating with the emphasis on the writing. Now if you asked me, “What makes you feel the most passionate?” prior to discovering my Soul expressions, I never would have told you that writing was the thing for me. I didn’t connect to that as being what makes me feel alive inside. Yet when I reoriented my working life around writing more and monetizing all of my Soul Primary Expression modalities, my life found meaning. Daily I feel on track with my purpose and I’m super happy and passionately engaged throughout my working day.

It’s not asking the questions, “What am I passionate about?,” or “What makes me happy?,” or “What is my life purpose?,” that leads you to choosing the best career path.

Now here’s where it gets super spiritual for you… What does lead to that clarity of direction is a little Soul searching into the deeper meaning behind what you’re doing in life right now, and certain important milestones in your life to date.

You are never left alone in your search. You may just need some guidance in that search to find those clues your Soul is dropping everywhere. When you find these clues, you get a better sense of what it is you’re here to do. In my book , the essence of the material teaches that you have come here to express yourself in a handful of ways called Soul Primary expression modalities.

Everyone has between 5 – 8 expression modalities that will help you find what direction your career needs to go in, what industry you’re best serving in, where you’re going to have the greatest success, sense of purpose, meaning and joy and where you can make the biggest difference.

When you know those expressions, you know what type of role you need to be looking for – what you actually need to be doing – Even whether you need to be looking for a job or going into business. This in turn gives you greater clarity in not only your job search or what to do next along your career path, this information also helps you clarify if you need to retrain or up-skill. Many clients who come to me in search of a new career direction often lack clarity and get stuck on the decision to retrain. By knowing what your Soul Primary Expression Modalities are, that “stuckness” and lack of clarity gets sorted out quickly.

What makes one women or man expressing themselves through writing, teaching, managing, administering, connecting, selling and so on having great success while another struggles? – Most likely because those expressions aren’t their Soul Primary Expressions. They’re not here to express themselves in this way. They’ll find success expressing themselves in the very way they came here to experience expansion.

The search then for greater meaning, purpose and success then needs to start by seeking and finding what your 5-8 Soul Primary Expression Modalities are. Here’s where you’ll be able to marry your spirituality with your right and successful career direction.

Now here’s the thing. Our education system, society at large and sometimes even peer pressure have beaten out of us the ability to seek and find the clues that lead us to clarity. That’s one of the reasons why there is a growing industry of spiritual teachers, life coaches and career guides.

By working with over 1,000 in one very intense year in 2012, I discovered that most people don’t have a connection to the way their Soul communicates clues to them. And hint hint, it’s not through voices in your head that you will get that communication.

Most people, I have found, including me, have needed a skilled professional to shine light in their mind and help them make that connection. Once they do they’re off and away for themselves. This is one of the reasons why I developed a training program that helped purpose seekers find, follow and accurately monetize that purpose so they could have that greater depth of meaning and joy in life. It all starts with developing a deeper connection to your Soul communication system and knowing how those clues are being dropped in your life, in your thinking and your feelings.

If you’d like to start that Soul Searching Journey to find your expressions I have a complimentary training that you can get over at Right Mission Right Money. See you over there:

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