How To Monetize Your Mission For World Change

Monetize Your Mission For World Change - Discover Your Mission In Life and Make a Difference

If you’re someone who wants to see the world change into a more positive place where all prosper, and you’d like to be working toward that, rather than joylessly working for money just to pay bills, you’re certainly not alone. This desire has given rise to Social Entrepreneurship and a whole new way of doing business for good and social change.

Escalating unsolved problems in the world have corresponded with a huge growth in people wanting to have greater meaning in their working life and seeking to find their purpose, so they can make a bigger difference. But the age old problem of having to get bills paid often keeps people stuck in working jobs or being in businesses they don’t like, to get those bills paid. They fear the leap needed to be on the path of making more money by making a bigger difference will leave them in financial struggle.

Now if that call to make a difference and live true to your purpose doesn’t get answered, life becomes flat and we seek passion in often addictive behaviours to compensate – Like drinking copious cups of tea 🙂 to get some kind of exciting happening in our day.

As the years go by and you know you’re supposed to be doing something else, but you don’t take any action on that knowing, eventually life looses all meaning and leads to depression. You see, when you’re living life 100% true to your purpose, fulfilling the very mission you were born to succeed in, life is meaningful and satisfying. You feel deeply fulfilled and greatful for the opportunity to give back. You’re making a difference and the world is made better for your work.

Make Money Living 100% True To Your Purpose

However, you may not be making enough money to pay the bills. It’s a complete myth that if you do what you love the money will follow. Great title for a book, but there’s a lot more to creating financial prosperity living a life of purpose thank just doing what you love. There’s a missing link in a lot of purpose work being taught today, and that missing link is monetization. You need to be properly monetized so the money can indeed follow.

Make Money by Making a  DifferenceIf you don’t get the monetization model right you’ll be like so many good hearted people on the planet right now, living spiritually integris lives on purpose, but struggling to pay your bills. In order to make a living while being on purpose, you need to be monetized accurately.

There are finer distinctions within your overall life purpose that can point you in the right direction of how best to make money by making a difference. Those distinctions are finding your Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities – You’re entire reason for being alive on the planet! Then you need to find your mission, message and mojo because it’s here in knowing this that you get the greatest distinctions on how best to monetize your career path or business.

With the growth of Social Entrepreneurship and new models of business that make a Tripple Bottom line not only possible, but a priority – People – Planet – Prosperity – Now, more than in any time in history is it possible to make more money by making a bigger difference, no longer having to go to work doing something meaningless, just to make money. You can have it all!

Monetize Your Mission & Make A Difference

I’m holding my next workshop in Brisbane coming up in November. It’s called Right Mission Right Money – a two day life direction and self discovery experience about getting crystal clear on what you’re supposed to be doing; making the right kind of money that maintains your spiritual values and your goodness, all while contributing to the creation of a better world simvastatin 40 mg tablet. It’s a social entrepreneur training program that helps you find ideas on how to set up your career or business to create social change, environmental and political good.

We’re going to laser focus on the first two steps in my 7 Steps to Clarity On Your Mission Blueprint Formula – Clarify Your Right Direction & Locate Your Mission, Message & Mojo for Accurate Monetization. If you’re not able to join me in Brisbane, you can take either the Self Study or Self Study with Mentoring versions.

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Right Mission Right Money Workshop Brisbane

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Monetize Your Mission For World Change Workshop Brisbane …  Social Entrepreneur Training 101

Right Mission Right Money Online Self Study & Mentoring

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Monetize Your Mission Online Self Study & Mentoring Option … Social Entrepreneur Training Online