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Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators tend to be very passionate about our ideas. We’re visionaries and we live in the excitement of a good idea. However, just because an idea is a good one, doesn’t mean it will be a profitable one, either socially or financially.

Reasons Why Social Enterprises
In Business Fail

According to a recent Bloomberg Business survey, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Ouch – that’s a whopping 80% who crash and burn. Just because you start a mission driven social business that you’re passionate about, doesn’t guarantee you’ll be any more successful than a mercenary business whose primary goal is just to make money. You’re not protected by your passion unfortunteately. 

In fact an article published in The Guardian places the “Love Struck Founder” as the number 1 reason social enterprises fail:

“Social entrepreneurs are often driven by passion – they’ve found a new way to tackle a problem and get everyone they speak to excited by their vision. They’re convinced that as soon as their innovation has been released, their enterprise will take off.

The lovestruck founder is blinded by innovation. They’re so hooked on their idea they they hope budget lines will be created to fit their product. They want to bend others to their will and wait longer than is healthy for this to take place.

Successful social entrepreneurs have passion but it’s not for their idiosyncratic idea or the way they do business. It’s for seeing a problem and providing a solution. They are passionate about reaching the destination, not their particular patented route.”

(From The Guardian Blog – 5 Reasons Social Enterprises Fail)

In my experience one of the biggest reasons why an idea never reaches mission accomplished, is because it was never fully developed or tested in the first place. Like building a house, building a business on a great idea requires a solid foundation.

Four blank white speech bubblesSocial Innovators and Entrepreneurs also face that added challenge of dealing with luddites, naysayers, doomsdayers and sometimes even saboteurs to grand missions that would make our world grander.

I know – I faced a mountain of opposition when I took on both the Governments of New Zealand and Australia, plus the trillion dollar Pharmaceutical Cartel, and won! The not-for-profit I founded to campaign against hostile legislation that would all but foreclose New Zealand’s natural health industry, took my strategy plus $45,000 to defeat the opposition. Their officially recorded expenditure on the passage of the legislation was $18million. Yes that’s right – Eighteen Million Dollars.

That is the power of “Strategy-With-Spirit” and the Undefeatable Laws of Nature. It makes your mission strategies like those laws – Undefeatable!

I know a thing or two about developing an idea into a winning strategy despite seemingly unsurmountable odds. It starts with proper Idea Incubation even before you get to the strategy part. Your idea needs to be viable, well thought through and put to the test against possible opposition and threats.

When you work with an Award Winning Mission Strategist and Intuitive Visionary like myself, we work together in Idea Incubation to make sure you have that solid foundation. We’ll work to ensure:

  1. Your idea is in alignment with what you’re supposed to be doing at the level of your Life’s Purpose;
  2. Your idea is viable in terms of creating the solution you’re looking for, and generating the profit you desire;
  3. There isn’t a better idea that would give you the desired result;
  4. Your idea is developed to the point of viability and readiness to either present or implement;
  5. We’ve put all the pieces together from the idea itself to threats to successful implementation.

Idea Incubation sessions are by application only. Depending on your idea, campaign or enterprise you may need a 2 hour session, a 1/2 VIP Day or Full VIP Day. 

If you’d like to discuss your idea with me, and see if we’re a good fit to continue to work in Idea Incubation together, book an initial 15 minute “Idea Incubation” Discover Conversation via Phone, Skype or FaceTime here.


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