I’m confident that you’re somewhat like me in that you feel pain when you see other people suffer. When you see injustice, extreme poverty, you feel a little sad. But you also know you want to make a difference and some how make your mark in the causes that you feel passionate about.

Today I wanted to show you a social business model that I use to impact as many lives as I can, without actually having to deliver on it. This is a highly leveraged way to make a difference and leave your legacy.

You see one of the biggest problems I see new clients and course participants come to me with is the desire to make a big difference but a fear of being that visible to millions of people. They think, like I use to, that being that visible means you loose your anonymity or freedom. So they hold themselves back from really stepping up to make that big huge difference. They play small with small numbers when they know they were destined to impact hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives.

Leveraging Your Impact

If you follow me you know I have a Purpose To Profit Formula that helps entrepreneurs clarify and monetize their life’s big mission to make a global impact and leave a legacy. It’s all about making big money by making a bigger difference so you can make an even bigger difference. So yes there is leverage in the social business model from the perspective of leveraging what you offer. But there’s another way that works in harmony with your business to speed up the number of lives you touch.

Let me explain….

As a member of the giving organization B1G1, who have coined the phrase #decadeofgiving, we pledge to give a certain amount of our monthly profit, or when certain things happen in our business, to humanitarian projects within the B1G1 organization. This creates “impacts” on people’s lives who are suffering from unspeakable acts, or struggling with poverty and sustainable development.

Ordinary business owners and entrepreneurs like you and me come together to give on a regular basis to impact lives and change the world.

B1G1 Conference Gold Coast / Buy 1 Give 1

B1G1 has been in operation for 10 years now. Just this weekend I spent 2 days with an amazing group of social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to celebrate a #decadeofgiving. Many great things came out of that conference, including the birth of my new campaign #impact1millionlives.

I love it because it’s taken this concept of social capital that I talk about, all the way to its maximum impact.

Social capital is what you add in the exchange with your clients and customers to give them that sense that by working with you or buying your products and services, they are contributing to the greater good. The Elderman Trust Barometer of 2016 has found in its survey of the Adult consumer population globally, that fifty percent of consumers now want to feel a sense of purpose greater than just exchanging money for goods and services. They want to be making a difference with their purchase. So adding social capital to your business is no a necessity if you want to drive sales growth.

As an aside here’s an amazing collaborative painting we all did over 3 conferences in 3 different countries.

Adding Social Capital To Your Social Business

Knowing you want to make a bigger impact with your programs, products and services, I thought you’d love this concept of leveraging your impact even further by participating in the #impact1millionlives campaign I’ve just launched.


#impact1millionlives is a pledge I made to give to humanitarian causes within the B1G1 platform every time someone new signed up for one of my free gifts, completed watching one of my webinars and or purchased one of my training programs UNTIL at least 1 million lives had been impacted. Hence adding even more social capital to my business transactions with clients and customers. I would like to invite you to consider joining me, and hundreds of other social entrepreneurs, in doing the same in your business.

This concept was the brainchild of Ben Walker of Inspire, a fellow B1G1 member who ran a highly successful marketing campaign to recruit new clients.  His cause was #impact1mdays, which gave clean water to villages in need for 1 million days. In his marketing campaign each time certain things occurred within his business he gave money to the WishingWell water project which allowed one million days of clean water. This saves women time collecting water,  so they can start businesses that matter, and it means girls get to go to school. So the simple act of giving water for so many days means the level of abundance in the village is raised. How cool is that.

It’s long been a goal of mine to impact one million lives before I retire. I thought it would take me a lifetime to realize that goal. But with the B1G1 platform, over the course of the conference, I realised I might even be able to do that within 1 year.

Social Entrepreneurs Take The Pledge

100 inspired social entrepreneurs, including me, listened to how Ben made a big impact with giving as the core of his business marketing, pledge to do the same in their businesses. So on a napkin over lunch I worked with Ben to come up with #impact1millionlives. Here’s how it works….

  1. Every time someone registers for one of my free gifts, my Human Renaissance Foundation will contribute to clean water through the WishingWell water project.
  2. Every time someone registers and watches one of my webinars all the way to the end I will contribute to clean water through the WishingWell water project.
  3. Every time someone registers for my Mission Mojo Workshop day I’ll give 1 day’s business training to a woman in a developing nation.
  4. Every time someone buys my Right Mission Right Money program I’ll gift 1 full year of business education to a woman or girl in a developing nation.
  5. Every time someone buys one of my other programs, products or services, I’ll gift a girl a rescue from sex slavery and human trafficking that comes with education rehabilitation.

When I did the math on these impacts, and the number of projected leads and sales over the coming year, I was shocked at how far my impact and reach would go, exceeding one million.

Would You Like To #impact1millionlives?

What if you could change lives by doing what you do every day regardless of how many clients or customers you had?

If you like that idea then here’s my invitation to you….

Join the B1G1 community with me and integrate the giving concept in your business and your marketing and I’ll show you how. You can join as both an individual and a business owner. Once you’ve joined, let me know you signed up using my Code, and I’ll invite you to a special 2 hour virtual workshop where we will look at how you can integrate this #impact1millionlives into your business.

I don’t receive any financial compensation for this. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

More impact giving is made when you join the community using my code.

Thank your love of humanity and your service to our Mother Earth.