WOW!!! Your Audience Will LOVE Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

“Nicola Grace has a terrific energy. Her dynamic way of bringing an audience to the point of transformation is unique and inspiring”

nicola-3x-best-selling-author-187x300Nicola Grace is a world bridger. While many speakers talk about Quantum Transformation, Higher Consciousness and Metaphysical Principles, Nicola has successfully incorporated these principles into her famous Strategy With Spirit approach to help save a billion dollar industry from ruin. A feat she achieved in just 6 months, when the industry could not not do it for themselves in 7 years, while facing the news she had cancer for the second time. She made history in her native country of New Zealand and won an award for her effort. It is not widely known that the secret sauce to her success was that she used Metaphysical, Shamanic and Quantum Activist principles to lead the industry to victory. Nicola has gone on to teach her Strategy With Spirit formula to  help thousands of clients achieve their missions too.

Nicola believes:

Its time to stop talking about the power we have to create a better world, and start acting as if we have the power to change the game on the planet.

Nicola is a 6 time best selling author who for 30 years has captivated her audiences as an entertaining performer, inspirational speaker, visionary, educator and transformation leader. She is the creator of the Social Entrepreneur program Right Mission Right Money, and The Quantum GameChanger Technique that practically applies the principles of Quantum Activism to solve world problems.

Nicola has worked relentlessly for humanitarian causes that have included United Nations NGO projects such as youth leadership in developing nations. She founded, and remains on the board of, a non-profit health human rights organization, and is a lifetime member of the global ‘Buy One, Give One’ social enterprise that’s helping to grow entrepreneurship and economic sustainability in developing countries.

Nicola is on a mission to change the way we think about what we do, and how we do it, so together we can create a magnificent world that encourages the highest potential for humanity.

In today’s world, people want more than a talking head spouting a lot of unproven ideas and information. They want real solutions that create real results. While many speakers in her field are motivational and transactional, Nicola Grace is transformational. She has a grand vision for the elevation of ALL of humanity that she would like to share with you.

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The Perfect Speaker For Your NEXT Conference / Meeting

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Booking Nicola Grace for your NEXT event:

Experienced Award Winning Speaker

(You can relax you’ve made the right choice)

Nicola has been performing on stage since she was 8 years old. Having won an award at The Natural Health Industry of New Zealand Awards 2008, Nicola is equally comfortable with small and large audiences. She has been speaking on stages, in boardrooms, on television and at events, from kids to Government officials for 30 years.

A Proven Track Record

(Makes you look good)

Speaking from experience, Nicola walks her talk… delivering demonstrable solutions that create positive change. While many speakers in her field are motivational and transactional, Nicola Grace is transformational.

A Game Changing Message

(Takes your event to the next level)

Nicola inspires and empowers change makers to turn big obstacles into even bigger and better results with an holistic evolutionary approach to being effective agents of change, at this pivotal moment in human history.

Celebrity Author

(Guarantees a successful event)

3x International Best Selling Author, and Award Winning Writer, Nicola has authored 4 books, is a contributing author for Best Sellers – Ready Aim Captivate: Put Magic In Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future along with Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall – MoreBetter: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How To Get More Out Of Business And Life With Better Results.

Passionate About Her Work

(Makes your job easier)

“You can rely on Nicola to show up on time, be prepared, know your audience, deliver her best performance, and work easily with your team.“

nicola-grace-profile-204x300Nicola is from New Zealand, Lives in Australia, Travels the World on a Mission to Transform the Way We Think About What We Do, So We Collectively Create a Better World

Available for Keynotes, Symposiums, Summits, Conferences, Meetings, In-House Presentations, Public Seminars, Banquets, Fundraisers, Leaderships Gatherings, TedTalks, Symposiums, Any other function where an “outside” visionary and speaker is feasible.

Nicola can custom make a Keynote Speech for your audience, or choose between her signature talks for the Consciousness and Transformation Sector.

Consciousness & Transformation Keynote Topics

  Cancer! Life Threatening Or Life Affirming?

“As strange as this may sound, I believe that cancer actually saved my life. Having a terminal disease made me orientate my mind to search for every place within myself, and in my life, that I was out of alignment.“

This controversial keynote speech tells Nicola’s triumphant journey as a two time cancer survivor elaborating on her story told in the International Best Sellers, “Wounded? Survive! Thrive!” and “Cancer: From Tears to Triumph“. Her message is positive and inspiring, memorable and meaningful, as she leads the audience to new paradigms of thinking about the higher purpose of terminal diseases.

A source of humor, hope and healing for audiences this is a pivotal message in a time of epidemic crisis.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Changemakers

“Sometimes we Changemakers are our own worst enemy. Smart entrepreneurs and executives have been using personal development and spiritual principles for decades now, to overcome self defeating behaviours and improve their performance and effectiveness. Since the fate of the entire world is in the hands of the performance and effectiveness of Changemakers, isn’t it time the Changemaker movement also embraced personal development to eliminate self defeating behaviours, so our missions succeed?”

Nicola reveals to your audience her practical daily habits and metaphysical practices behind her triumphant ‘David and Golliath’ Mission to save that billion dollar industry so they too can achieve the extra-ordinary despite the odds. 

An evolutionary and practical keynote speech designed to develop a highly skilled task force of Changemakers and Social Entrepreneurs globally.

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Quantum GameChanger

“Much of humanity have been raised to believe we are limited material beings living in a limiting material world of scarce resources that we must control the distribution of. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is more than enough food, shelter, money and love in the world for everyone to prosper. We just have a system of control that is born from elitist and separate thinking. If we simply changed our thinking about what we do, we’d change our world.“

In this empowering Keynote talk, Nicola will excite and inspire your audience with how applying the principles of Quantum Activism can transform limiting consciousness within themselves and unplug from the world mind matrix of limitation. Plus how to create big ripple effects of transformation in the collective consciousness while simultaneously contributing to changing the game of limitation and control on the planet.

A paradigm shifting and transformation talk that will leave your audience feeling empowered and elated.

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Truth, Transformation & New Age Mumbo Jumbo

“While many messengers are yelling from the roof tops the dangers of toxic food, fluoridation, chemtrails and GMOS, very few are speaking out about the toxicity of false teachings in the New Age, Consciousness, Sacred Sexuality, and Spiritual Practices arena. Its time we examined the mis-information in our own industry, so we can come more deeply into our sacred inner truth, and not be mislead down the garden path empowering those who seek to control, rather than empowering ourselves.”

This is a highly controversial keynote talk where Nicola unveils the depths of deception within our own consciousness and new age movement causing well meaning spiritual folk to struggle with life, money, relationships and their self worth because they are following false teachings.  She outlines the steps to restore ancient memories of your sacred divine nature, so you can better discern between truth and mumbo jumbo.

While controversial, this talk has proven to be highly resonant, enlightening, and greatly appreciated by audience members.

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Awakened Path To The New Earth

“We know we are spiritual beings, but we still get caught identifying ourselves as bodies at the effect of things we think outside ourselves.  All the while ignoring the living Creator Being that we know dwells within us, and IS us. So it’s time we remembered the true essence of who we are as Super Beings, endowed with extra powers, so we can fulfill our promise to mother earth and humanity.”

Nicola will walk your audience through the steps toward reclaiming their Super Being self and sacred medicine, revealing the layers of deception and programming that have been in-planted to keep humanity playing small. She shows the way for New Earth Facilitators, Lightworkers and Changemakers to release their transformative powers to accelerate the SHIFT into the New Earth, according to their sacred souls blueprint for this life.

This is an enlightening talk that facilitates connection, joyous awakening and ancient knowing in the audience.

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You’re Booking the Right Speaker in Nicola Grace.

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