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nicola-3x-best-selling-author-187x300From Cancer to saving a billion dollar industry that made her an Award Winning Mission Strategist and Speaker, Nicola Grace speaks to entrepreneurs, business owners about using her Mission Driven Social Business model, to create good in the world while creating wealth for self.

Nicola is a best selling author, inspirational speaker, intuitive visionary, and business mentor with 3 decades of experience as an entrepreneur. Having owned 7 different businesses her clients seek her out because she speaks to the changing times from an Intuitive Visionary perspective and solid business experience.

“As I see it. Most businesses are still operating under the old Industrial model of doing business. That means they are leaking profit and leaving money on the table. They not not equiped for the rapid change into the social solution economy that is evolving all around us. I would like to speak to your audience about a new Social Business Model that infuses your higher purpose and mission into a leveraged business model, so business owners can make more money by making a greater impact in the world.”

The Perfect Speaker For Your NEXT Conference / Meeting

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rsz_missionmojoFor 30 years, Nicola Grace has captivated her audiences as an entertaining performer, inspirational speaker, visionary, educator and transformation leader.

With a double major in History and Education, Nicola dropped out of University to become a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses from corporate training, internet marketing company, an organic day spay to her current business as The Mission Mentor.

Having made history saving a billion dollar industry, defeating two different types of cancers, she is the undisputed expert on how to achieve your mission, even when facing impossible odds.

In today’s world, people want more than a talking head spouting a lot of unproven ideas and information. They want real solutions that create real results. While many speakers in her field are motivational and transactional, Nicola Grace is transformational. Nicola is also an active humanitarian with a grand vision for the elevation of ALL of humanity that she would like to share with you.

Nicola Grace: Speaker, Author, Educator, Intuitive Visionary, Mission Strategist

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Booking Nicola Grace for your NEXT event:

Experienced Award Winning Speaker

(You can relax you’ve made the right choice)

Nicola has been performing on stage since she was 8 years old. Having won an award at The Natural Health Industry of New Zealand Awards 2008, Nicola is equally comfortable with small and large audiences. She has been speaking on stages, in boardrooms, on television and at events, from kids to Government officials for 30 years.

A Proven Track Record

(Makes you look good)

Speaking from experience, Nicola walks her talk… delivering demonstrable solutions that create positive change. While many speakers in her field are motivational and transactional, Nicola Grace is transformational.

A Game Changing Message

(Takes your event to the next level)

Nicola inspires and empowers change makers to turn big obstacles into even bigger and better results with an holistic evolutionary approach to being effective agents of change, at this pivotal moment in human history.

Celebrity Author

(Guarantees a successful event)

3x International Best Selling Author, and Award Winning Writer, Nicola has authored 4 books, is a contributing author for Best Sellers – Ready Aim Captivate: Put Magic In Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future along with Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall – MoreBetter: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How To Get More Out Of Business And Life With Better Results.

Passionate About Her Work

(Makes your job easier)

Nicola is passionate and active humanitarian with a grand vision for the elevation of ALL of humanity that she would like to share with you. You can rely on her to show up on time, be prepared, know your audience, deliver her best performance, and work easily with your team.

nicola-grace-profile-204x300Nicola Grace is from New Zealand, Lives in Australia, Travels the World on a Mission to Transform the Way We Think About What We Do, So We Collectively Create a Better World

Available for Keynotes, Conferences, Meetings, In-House Presentations, Public Seminars, Chamber of Commerce Functions, Banquets, Leaderships Gatherings, TedTalks, Symposiums, Any other function where an “outside” visionary and speaker is feasible.

Nicola can custom make a Keynote Speech for your audience too.

 Changemaker Social Entrepreneur Keynote Speaking Topics

  Creating Business Wealth Through Mission Mojo

“There is a power within you and me that makes us capable of achieving the extra-ordinary. That power comes out to play when we are 100% aligned to our life’s mission and purpose. I call this Mission Mojo. This same Mission Mojo has a magnetism that can help us build wealth through our business. If we only took time to find out where this Mojo lies, and then apply it to our business, we would transform our world in no time.”

Nicola reveals the 5 Keys to purpose driven profits that make a difference in the world and your bank account. She walks your audience through her Social Business formula that shows them how to unlock the hidden profits in their business; build a foundation of leveraged income; and deal with the resistance that shows up to keep them playing small.

An evolutionary and practical keynote speech designed to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs to play the bigger game they are destined to play.

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  7 Habits of Highly Effective Changemakers

“Sometimes we Changemakers are our own worst enemy. Smart entrepreneurs and executives have been using personal development and spiritual principles for decades now, to overcome self defeating behaviours and improve their performance and effectiveness. Since the fate of the entire world is in the hands of the performance and effectiveness of Changemakers, isn’t it time to take advantage of the up-skilling personal development and elimination of self defeating behaviours?”

Nicola reveals to your audience her practical daily habits behind her triumphant ‘David and Golliath’ Mission to save the Natural Health Industry of New Zealand. An evolutionary and practical keynote speech designed to develop a highly skilled task force of changemakers and social entrepreneurs.

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Monetize Your Mission For World Change

“We’re living in an exciting time where Social Entrepreneurship allows for Changemakers to profit from creating a better world rather than exploiting it. No other time in history has it been easier for us establish a mission driven for-profit business that positively changes our world. But as with traditional business, social entrepreneurs can lack clarity of direction and the ‘How’ to accurate monetize so they don’t suffer the same fate of failure as 50% of business owners.”

Nicola leads entrepreneurs and business owners through a revolutionary new business model for creating a socially conscious business with a triple bottom line of Purpose, Planet, and Prosperity for all. She reveals the blueprint for how the transition from making money for the sake of money, to making money by making a difference will transform the world, while giving your life greater meaning and fulfilment.

This inspiring, refreshingly different and potent speech is a crowd pleasure.

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How To Achieve Impossible Missions

– Holistic Strategies for Turning Big Obstacles Into Even Bigger Results

“Many grand ideas for change, and lofty missions that would create a better world, get stuck in slow to no progress. And so the world remains bereft of the great benefits of that change. We live in a world where Social Entrepreneurs and Changemakers are facing very challenging problems on many fronts, while humanity needs our missions for change to succeed.”

In 2006 Nicola Grace saved a billion dollar industry from ruin achieving in just 6 months, what they were unable to do for themselves in 7 years. The Natural Health Industry of New Zealand were facing hostile legislation that if passed would form a corporation to regulate them, primarily run and funded by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Nicola’s Visionary Strategy defeated the legislation making history as no one had beaten and incumbent Government bill in peacetime in her country before, and no on has done it since.

Nicola achieved this historical mission on a budget of $45,000, when the opposition spent an officially recorded $18,000,000. Even more astounding is that she achieved this impossible mission while facing a diagnosis of final stage Melanoma. (Her second visit with cancer.)

Nicola credits her phenomenal success to 7 Habits, 10 Strategies and 12 Laws of Nature that worked synergistically to overcome formidable obstacles against all odds. She calls it her “Strategy With Spirit” approach. Now your audience or organization can benefit from this 7, 10, 12 formula to achieve your missions in spite of the odds, too!

Nicola tells the audience her story of how she saved a billion dollar industry, revealing her famous 7, 10, 12 formula. She shares the secrets she stumbled upon that helped her make history, achieving what seemed impossible.

She inspires and enlightens your audience with her working knowledge of aligning to the Undeafeatable Laws of Nature (also known as the Laws of Physics) to create phenomenal results in short time frames. This practical Quantum form of activism and a professional strategy approach she calls, “Strategy With Spirit”, will leave participants with a working understanding of how to achieve impossible missions to create a better world.

A leading edge and visionary keynote speech that deeply moves, motivates and inspires all who listen.

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Speak With Influence

– How ‘Visionary SoundBytes’ Can Motivate, Influence and Accelerate Change

“Changemakers can suffer foot and mouth disease because they’re so passionate about their message, that they can often find themselves badgering deaf ears. Communicating the wrong message to the wrong audience leads to a stale-mate, or slow-progress situation, we currently are experiencing in the Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Natural Health Industries, to name a few.”

In this keynote speech Nicola educates the audience on how she used ‘Visionary SoundBytes’ to overcome a media ‘black out’, change the minds of key politicians, motivate the masses and change the course of history in her country to reach mission accomplished.

A groundbreaking and much needed keynote speech for any Changemaker and Social Entrepreneur.

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From Cancer to Saving a Billion Dollar Industry, Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor Will Delight, Inspire, Motivate, Equip and Elevate Your Audience to Greater Heights of Performance and Effectiveness.


”Give me 40-90 Minutes and I’ll Have Your Audience Transforming the World!”

You’re Booking the Right Speaker in Nicola Grace.

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