Making Sure New Year Plans Are Successful Part 2

Goal Setting In Alignment With Your Purpose

Setting New Year Goals In Alignment With Your Purpose

Goal Setting In Alignment With Your PurposeWhen making new year plans, you’re going to want to make sure you’re in alignment with your purpose if you want to have any chance at succeeding with those plans, goals and resolutions. There is not sense in setting goals for the coming year ahead, if those goals contradict or conflict with your life purpose and life path. No amount of efforting will make those goals and resolutions succeed if they conflict with your purpose.

One of the phenomenon’s I see with my clients a lot is that many of their goals and personal missions aren’t their own. They belong to their parents, society, to their internal chirping monkeys, and so their goals are set from this place of “I should”. I should strive for this or I should make this my goal or I should do this. If you are sitting on any failed goals or struggling for some of them to come into fruition, it could be because you have set a goal you think you should have, rather than because it’s part of your personal mission at your Soul’s Mission Blueprint level. Your Mission Blueprint is like an achetectural blueprint for how to build a solid building only it’s about how to build a fulfilling and rewarding life of purpose.

Better to start by aligning to that blueprint first! You’ll save yourself a whole lot of time, struggle and heartache.

For over 8 years now, I’ve been teaching people how important to your success being in alignment with your purpose is. If you’re aligning to egoic goals, or family and societal pressures to be and do something you weren’t born to be and do, then the energetic make up of your energy field is not one strong enough to lead you to success. You can do well and get along fine, but the success of a fulfilling and financially rewarding life will remain out of your grasp.

It’s like there is this underlying energy pool that has extra magnetic powers when you’re aligned with your purpose. When you’re ever so slightly out of alignment, the further you walk your path, the less magnetic energy you have to manifest what you want. No year to date has shown me exactly how true that is, than the year of 2014.

It was a tough year for me. I’ve had to face ongoing challenges that no matter what I’ve done, nothing has shifted the blocks to a particular goal I had this year. Now I consider myself to be on purpose and following my life path. However, on any life path are several moments in our life when our Soul is asking us to expand and step up to an even Higher Purpose. Now I’ve been procrastinating about that. So things went a bit pear shaped on me, in one aspect of my business that year.

As soon as I got back into perfect alignment with this magnetic energy contained on my mission blueprint, wamoooo! things happened fast. I reached a major life time goal and had a significant life style change. I’m attracting all sorts of amazing opportunities to me now – all totally aligned to my purpose. That’s why I created this yearly routine and started sharing it.

Now bare with me social entrepreneurs social innovators, and changemakers, because I am getting spiritual with you here, and I make no apologies for that. I am after all The Mission Mentor who teaches how to become Undefeatable using a “Strategy With Spirit” approach so your missions to transform this word!

Right Alignment Is Key To Your Success

Imagine your spine for a moment if you will. If you don’t have a spine that is in proper alignment, you not only can suffer from pain, you might also find a number of health issues develop along the way because of the lack of blood supply being able to run up and down your spine through the central nervous system. You might never reach peak physical performance because your mis-aligned.

So too, if you are not aligned with your Mission Blueprint (that’s the blueprint that outlines the best outcomes for your life), you can often manifest painful situations you weren’t born to experience. You can also never full reach your potential and peak performance as a changemaker as well, because the power to do that lies on your Mission Blueprint. You have what I call Mission Mojo when you align to this Mission Blueprint.

Making New Year Plans In Alignment With Your Mission Blueprint

Starting your year aligned to your Mission Blueprint, and setting your goals from that place of alignment, means starting your year out on a solid foundation for success. Planning year without knowing what you’re supposed to be doing in life is tantamount to planning to struggle and even fail.

I created a DNA of Self Discovery Process that is part of my Right Mission Right Money training program. It connects you to your Mission Blueprint, clarifies your life direction, purpose and mission in life, and also maps out where is the first place to start. I personally revisit this process myself every year, to realign or look at what the next step in my life path is.

Here’s What To Do On 28th of December

Actually, this step you can take right now, as it can take several days. This is step one of my DNA of Self Discovery Process right out of my Mission Blueprint Legacy 2.0 program. It will help you to decipher the motivation behind what you do and begin the process of connecting you to your Mission Blueprint.

  1. List the top 5 activities you do during working hours;
  2. Narrow down each of those activities to just one or two words: ie answering email; travelling; teaching; writing; researching etc…
  3. Now take the first activity and ask yourself what are you actually doing when you do that?
  4. Repeat that question as many times as it takes to come up with 5-10 answers. Each time you ask the question it probes your subconscious mind for answers. So if you keep getting blanks, keep asking the question till you breakthrough the barrier;
  5. Now you repeat the exact same step only with all of the other 4 activities you listed. You will find that certain words keep repeating themselves. Write the repetitions down because in just a moment you’re going to count those repetitions.
  6. Now circle the words that have repeated themselves more than twice.

What you have come up with is a list of what I call Soul Buzz Words. These words have the energetic magnetic pull that lead you to your Mission Blueprint and Mission Mojo. They are words that motivate you to do what you do. Even if you’re currently doing something that bores the heck out of you, you wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t some motivation for doing so. The trick now is to express those motivations in a higher form.

Without knowing what these deeper motivations are, you may end up making new years plans that to set you up to fail.

So now you know some of your motivation codes, you set your goals for the new year now, making sure these words you’ve circles are going to get expressed in your plans. For example if the top word you had circled is the word “connect”, make sure your marketing plan or social life has a whole lot more connecting to it.

Setting goals or making new years resolutions and plans, have a greater chance of success when you’re fully aligned to your Mission Blueprint. This blueprint is the energetic matrix that magnetizes to you the opportunities to create success.

Mission-Blueprint-Legacy-bundle-PNG-2501If you’re interested to learn more about how you can get fully aligned with Your Mission Blueprint, get clarity of your life direction, purpose, mission and more, be sure to check out the Right Mission Right Money e-learning program. Because I believe being aligned to your mission blueprint is so fundamental to the success of your new year planning and goal setting, I’ve deeply discounted it so as many people as possible can get trained, aligned and connected to their Mission Mojo. Check out all the details here.

If you’re interested to learn more about Mission Blueprint and how it can help you with your Life Path Plan visit this link for the complete details.

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