Making Sure New Year Plans Are Successful Part 3

New Year Planning Making A Life Plan With Mind Mapping

Create Your Life Path Plan

New Year Planning Making A Life Plan With Mind MappingEvery year billions of people set personal new years resolutions and goals to reach in their personal, career or business life. But very few then create a plan on how they’ll reach those goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

And if you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything…. The year will progress and you can get distracted with the next shiny object, or end up aimlessly wandering through life never really getting anywhere significant.

Just as in business, having a Life Path Plan can help you stay focused on what is important to you, so life doesn’t slip you by and have you feeling regretful you never lived up to your full potential. Your Life Path Plan is telling the Creative Universe and your Subconscious Mind – WHAT YOU STAND FOR!

I’m big on having a Life Path Plan because it puts me (aligned to my Soul’s Purpose) in the drivers seat and in partnership with my Source, to steer my life in the best direction. A Life Path Plan is not something you craft from your ego. It’s something you do in partnership with your Soul’s Mission Blueprint. That’s why it’s call a Life Path plan and not a Life Plan.

The Frustration Of A Lack of Life Direction

The number one frustration that most people come to me for Intuitive Mastermind Sessions for, is not having clarity of their life path direction. They want to know where is their life heading. We don’t think of needing to have a plan for our life in the same way we create a plan for our business. But as I mentioned before if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Having a Life Path Plan keeps me on track. And most importantly, I’ve found over the years that I make better decisions. I know what opportunities to turn down and what to jump on, because I know what I stand for and the general direction my life is taking.

Now life is full of surprises and things don’t always turn out as you planned, that’s why a Life Path Plan is a living breathing document. You need to revisit it each year to keep you on track and rejiggy anything that has got out of alignment.

That’s why after I’ve eliminated limiting beliefs that held me back over this past year; and I’ve checked my alignment to my Mission Blueprint, I’m then ready to craft my Life Path Plan and set my goals for the year. It all starts with the creative process of first aligning with your Soul using my Heart Soul Connection Technique, then creating a mind map of the year you want ahead from this Soul Alignment.

29th of  December: Mindmap That Life Plan

  1. Get yourself a sketch pad and coloured pens (or if your techno savvy download mind mapping software);
  2. Place your big personal goal for your personal life in the center;
  3. Then create your mind map of all the things you’d like to achieve in your personal life this year;
  4. Make it colourful and interesting so your subconscious mind is interested in helping you create that.

the-heart-soul-technique-nicola-graceIt is important to do this process, properly aligned to your Heart Soul Connection. This is the place in you where you tap into your Heart’s Intelligence and your Soul’s Wisdom. That way you don’t run the risk of setting egoic goals, and therefore end up with failed goals or having to reset your goals half way through the year.

What a waste of time that is. Better to get connected to your Mission Blueprint and Heart Soul Connection so you set your goals from the right alignment.

If you haven’t learned my Heart Soul Connection Technique that takes you into the connection with your inner guidance and helps you build trust in the guidance you receive, I have a Christmas Special on the CD right now. If you hurry you can not only get the discount plus free shipping, you’ll have it in time for this all important exercise of creating your Life Path Plan from proper Soul alignment.

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