Making Sure Your New Year Plans Are Successful Series – Part 4

Creating Your Winning Mission Strategy

Strategic Planning On Screen Shows Organization And Professional ResearchThis past decade (centuries actually) has seen many a social mission strategy for world change fail miserably. In Florida, a few years back, laws were passed to make it illegal to feed the homeless. And just before thanksgiving a new law outlaws solar power in some places in America… What huge steps backward for the social change movement. And these are just a handful of missions for social change, that have been sabotaged by those resistant to change.

The truth is a Changemaker, Social Innovator or Social Entrepreneurs face many more obstacles than any other campaigner or business owner because they are up against a brick wall of resistance to change. That’s why you need a Winning A Mission Strategy.

Now if you haven’t peaked at my bio, or are meeting me for the first time, I’m Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor for Changemakers. I’m the one who saved a billion dollar industry from sabotage in 2006, achieving in just 6 months what the industry were unable to do for themselves in 7 years. I won an award from my mission strategy. So I do know a thing or two about creating winning mission strategies. In face you could say creating winning mission strategies is my Mission Mojo.

The time between Christmas and New Year has such a great energy for strategic planning, that you want to take advantage of this time and get some good planning time in, before we slip into the year and the year slips by.

What Is A Winning Mission Strategy?

A Winning Mission Strategy creates the direction and strategic development of your idea through implementation to accomplishment. I just said the #1 most IMPORTANT reason why you want to create a winning mission strategy…. It’s the creative process of telling the Creative Universal Mind what you want, how you want it to happen, when you want it to happen, and what you actually want to have happen. You are calling on the Undefeatable Laws of Nature to help you create leverage by developing a winning mission strategy.

Your winning mission strategy must have these components to be called a winning strategy:

  1. Be aligned To Your Life Mission;
  2. Be aligned To The Undefeatable Laws of Nature starting with the Law of Expansion and Evolution (In other words it can’t infringe on the sovereign rights of another being to evolve and expand);
  3. Have a “Circle The Wagon” strategy around your goal and your adversaries (Strategies within strategies to deal with opposition and saboteurs so they can’t stop your mission);
  4. Be maximally timed in cycles of creation (Get your timing right according to Septimal Law and The Law of Periodicity);
  5. Include a comprehensive strategy for building the mass needed to accomplish your mission according to the Law of Mass Attraction and Law of Resistance.

30th of  December: Set Your Business or Mission Up To Win

Now, a strategic mission plan is a living breathing creative document that needs to be revised every year, because things change, you change, the world changes. From an energetic perspective, the best time to create your Strategic Plan for your mission or business is between the 29th December through to the 7th of January. I usually do my strategic planning on the 30th after I’ve completed Parts 1 – 3 of my Making Sure New Year Is Set Up On A Solid Foundation Series. If you leave it later than the 7th of January, the year begins to slip by. The next thing you know it’s May and you haven’t finished your detailed plan for how you will succeed this new year.

First thing in the morning before the days’ activities take over, I’ll meditate then revise my outcomes for the year, from the previous year’s strategic plan, then start with creating my vision. I make sure my vision is in alighnment with my Mission and doesn’t infringe of the sovereign rights of another being. Then I’m ready to Circle The Wagon with strategies that will help me reach my goal, as well as keep potential saboteurs from ruining my plans.

1939830_707931839247714_697813188_nStrategic planning isn’t something that everyone is good at. That’s why there are many consulting companies who specialize in strategic planning. If you’re interested in having an award winning strategist like myself help you out, I have a few spots left. You can email me using my Contact Form Here, and I’ll send you an application form.


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