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With Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor
3 x Best Selling Auhtor, Award Winning Strategist, Intuitive Visionary
Keynote Speaker, Educator, Social Entrepreneur

  • Intuitive Insight
  • Visinary Masterminding
  • Monetizing Your Mission
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Accountability
  • Support & Help
  • Bright Ideas
  • Personal Development
  • Business Oracle

Do You Need A Business Mentor?

Most businesses fail within two years because of a lack of proper planning and measuring, lack of personal development, lack of capitol and/or they’re simply in the wrong business according to their Soul’s Mission Blueprint – this is the foundation for a stable, deeply fulfilling and successful life.

What I’ve discovered through owning businesses that have succeed and failed, is that it all comes down to making good decisions just about every step of the way. From ignition of the business idea, start up to implementation and continue growth. As entrepreneurs and business owners you’re making decisions daily. So daily you have the opportunity to make your business thrive or go belly up.

mentoringHaving a good mentor as your navigator through those important decisions you make daily, ensures you’re making better decisions therefore getting better outcomes. When you have an intuitive visionary strategist as your coach or mentor, you’re adding the advantage of 20/20 heinsight. You have some one looking into the future of your decisions and giving you potential outcomes, so you have more data upon which to make those important decisions helping you circumvent disaster.

How many times have things not gone according to plan for you and you’ve thought words to the effect, “If only I knew that at the time, or if only someone told me, I could have decided different and adverted this and got a better outcome.”

With an Intuitive Visionary Strategist as your mentor, you don’t just have a mentor guiding you to the fastest, safest and most economical pathways for your business to thrive – you have a Business Oracle navigating you through the myar of potential business and personal perils that can beseech any entrepreneur.

You may be able to survive in business without the help of a mentor or coach, but it’s almost impossible to thrive… So you need an Intuitive Visionary Mission Mentor like myself when you want:

Accountability to make sure things get done – no excuses;
Clear direction making sure you’re on track to the best path to your outcome;
Ongoing guidance to navigate you to the best pathways to reach your goals;
Strategies and innovative ideas for your business, staff, sales and marketing;
Someone making sure you work on your business and not in your business as an underpaid employee;
A confidant to confirm your hunches and decisions and/or tell you like it is;
Confidence you’re not heading toward a disastrous outcome;
Hand holding from strategy to accomplishment.

knowledge-quotesA mentor will be like your strategic planner, marketing manager, sales director, training coordinator, mindset minder, partner, confidant, best friend… and, an Intuitive Visionary Mentor will help you avoid disasters directing you to the best, fastest and safest passageway.

The specific areas of business that I specialize in are strategies, life purpose, monetizing your mission, sales & marketing – specifically internet marketing.

Choose Your Mentoring Package

There are generally 3 critical times in your business cycle that you’d be wise to hire mentors and
coaches to make sure you grow your business in the right direction. Those critical times are …Ignition
…Start Up …Challenge/Crisis Management.

I have designed the following mentoring packages to focus on the needs of each of these phases in your business growth.

Mission Ignition – 8 Weeks 1 hr sessions

mission-ignitionThis is when you have no clear direction or an idea you want to go in a different direction but you don’t know what that is. You have a sense you’re supposed to be doing something else, you want greater meaning, you want your business to make a bigger difference, or you want to feel a deeper sense of purpose marrying your life purpose with your business acumen.

You may be looking at changing the business you’re in all-together, or infusing your life purpose into your existing business structure to get greater growth and deeper meaning.

Over the course of the 8 weeks we’re going to:

1. Identify your life purpose and personal mission;
2. Clarify the right direction and pathway forward for you in alignment with your purpose;
3. Identify your Soul power words that magnetize the right ideal clients and customers;
4. Identify the Soul Primary Expression Modalities that will lead you to your success in business;
5. Define the niche you were born to serve and prosper in;
6. Clarify the right monetization method and business model for your business;
7. Create an initial strategy plan for your transition or start up;

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Start Fast Start Up – 12 weeks

fast-startWhen you already have a clear idea what you want to do, you just don’t know how you’re going to get there, you want a plan and you want assurance you’re on track, plus a strategy to get out of the gate fast. You want to make sure you don’t get distracted, make bad decisions and end up struggling to get your idea off the ground. You want to make sure you move with your best foot forward, confident your going to achieve the establishment of your
business with every advantage you can get.

Over the course of the 12 weeks we’re going to:

1.  Get your alignment right first – this includes a condensed version of the Mission Ignition program, working through steps 1-6 so we know you’re on track doing what you’re supposed to be doing, eliminating the need for costly mid course corrections;

2.  Develop your Strategic Plan for maximum business growth including:

a.  Overall strategic plan from vision to implementation;

b.  Marketing Strategy from researching your niche and ideal client avatar to strategic pathways to reach and sell to them;

c.   Work your initial positioning and branding;

d.  Develop your action plan;

3.  Develop strategies for your personal development ensuring we:

a.  Identify your weaknesses and self defeating behaviours;

b.  Create strategies to deal with the above;

c.   Develop the right mindset and belief systems you need to get you moving successfully forward;

4.  Support and navigation through the implementation of the above.

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Turbo Boost Start Up – 12 weeks + 1 day VIP

This package is for you when you have no time to waste. You need your strategic plan, marketing, branding and positioning plus best pathway forward NOW. Turbo Boost Start Up includes all the above in the Start Fast Start Up on steroids starting with a day long VIP day to speed up the strategic planning, phase, plus go deeper into your branding and marketing. This package includes some prep work on yur part. You can do the VIP day as one full day or split the day over two half days.

I can take you further faster by starting with a VIP day. You get better results when you get into action quickly. “Money loves speed,” so does success. This is a get out of the gate fast package that includes:

vip-day1.  VIP Business Day Spa – here’s where you get me working on writing your strategic plan in a structured and fast way. We deep dive into:

a.  Getting you aligned to your purpose and finding your monetization business model;

b.  Market research of your idea with me fast tracking that for you;

c.   Design your overall strategic outline;

d.  Branding and positioning;

e.  Initial marketing plan outline;

2.  Everything in the Start Fast Start Up 12 week program at a much deeper and detailed level of planning and implementation. Because things don’t always go exactly to plan, and that can be both a good and bad thing, we’re going to be navigating you through your strategy, strengthening it and tweaking it as you go, so by the end of the 12 weeks you’re established on a solid foundation ready for big growth in your business.

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Challenge Management Mentoring Up – Customized Package

Nicola-Grace-receive-awardIf you’re facing a challenge or crisis in your business and you need strategies, fast solutions plus navigation and personal support through to a successful outcome, this is the mentoring package for you.

Here’s where I accelerate and you get me at my best.

My claim to fame was that I designed and implemented a winning mission strategy for a billion dollar industry facing and 11th hour doomsday scenario. My strategy achieved in just six months something the industry had failed to do in seven years of hard campaigning to Government. I made history and won an award for my effort. So I really am serious when I say you get me at my best when you have a challenge or crisis and you need fast navigation through, away or out of that situation.

You can have confidence you’re working with an award winning strategist to help you find solutions.

We start with an Initial Visionary Mastermind Session to look at the entire dynamic at play from the practical business side to find what’s not working and why – to the personal mindset, karma or interference that could be at the cause of the crisis/challenge. Then we design strategies to quickly overcome them and help you navigate your way through the storm to the clearing.

This package is by application only. To discuss further you can email me the details of your challenge, best time and contact details to get back to you – nicola@nicolagrace.com


Mission Magic Mentoring – 1 Year

This package is currently only available to graduates of the Mission Blueprint or  Right Mission Right

Money Programs and is by application only. To discuss further you can email me the details of your challenge, best time and contact details to get back to you – nicola@nicolagrace.com

Disclaimer: All prices are valid as at June 2014 and subject to change. Prices quoted here can not be guaranteed.

Working With Nicola As Your Mission Mentor

nicola-graceWhen you work with an Intuitive Visionary Strategist like myself, you have the advantage of 20/20 heinsight before venturing out on a project. You can learn what pitfalls lie ahead; what strategies will have the greatest success; who would make the best team members or partners; which direction is the best one to go in and so forth.

I’ve worked on business and mission strategies for Twainese Tycoons who use to fly into Sydney for the day, just to consult their Business Oracle, me. I’ve consulted with an entire industry body creating a mission strategy that saved them from ruin, made history and won me an Award (The Natural Health Industry of New Zealand).

I’ve helped Politicians, Olympians, Social Entrepreneurs and Campaigners with their strategies; saved business owners from going under with consolidation strategies; and stopped individuals from making bad business investments saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve given direction to over 1,000 entrepreneurs on finding and monetizing their mission so they can make a bigger difference in their business; and directed business owners to incorporate their life purpose into their existing business so they can feel a deeper meaning in their working life.

From owners of publicly listed companies, Fortune 500 hundred strategists, to mum and dad business owners and fledging entrepreneurs – you’d be very surprised at the type of people who have consulted with me over the years – it’s not just hippie business owners, but day to day business owners wanting the strategic edge an Intuitive Visionary Strategist can give them to grow their business or advance their mission, and avoid disaster and financial loss.

You too can have the edge taking advantage of my mojo.

To set up a time to talk with me about which mentoring package would work for you, email me your business details, best time and contact details to get back to you – nicola@nicola.datatradingfsd.com

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What others have said about working with Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor

“I was privileged to work with Nicola using her 10 Step Master Plan that made history and helped save an industry from an irreversible and disastrous event. Her plan harnessed the resources of a diverse group and was pivotal in the achievement, what seemed at the outset to be an impossible, of our mission to victory. I’ve seen how she can inspire and lift the spirits of a room of despondent men and women. I’m confident she can inspire you, your team or audience too.”

Eric Blankenbyl, Natural Health Alliance NZ


“I just had a session with Nicola Grace, and not knowing me very well she just changed my life, changed my business. I’ve been trying to figure out how to monetize my business and make it work so it’s a win win for the world. Nicola, like an angel, made this all happen for me. I can tell you that I have worked with a lot of coaches and I never had the experience like I just had. Nicola Grace is an amazing transformational coach. You’ll get more value in an hour than you can dream of having.”

Barbie Hall Gummin, Founder Life Coaching Connection


“I just want to take a moment to talk about my work with Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor. It’s been totally amazing, enlightening and clarifying. I know I am on this earth for a mission to really make a massive impact on humanity. Nicola really brought me to clarification of my true mission. I can now articulate very clearly and monetize so I can help as many people as possible in time that I have here. Thank you so much and looking forward to working with you more.”

Ben Joiya, Business Owner Marketing With a Heart


“I was Managing Director of a manufacturing company that could have gone under, along with 300 other

businesses unless we stopped an irreversible tragic event about to take place. Collectively we had made many attempts to save our industry but were failing. We had no clear co-hesive plan, just angst. Then this knowledgeable strategic and professional woman came along with her MASTER PLAN. WOW! Nicola inspired me to step up in a way I didn’t know was achievable. She taught me the importance of staying focused with your eye on the end Vision and not getting side tracked, and helped an entire industry gain certain victory.  If you get a once in a life time chance to work with her, I highly recommend you pounce on it.”

Eve Johnson, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Nicola’s Professional Bio

The ‘Go To’ Mentor and Visionary Strategist for Difference Makers, Changemakers, Social Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs, Visionary Corporations, Industry Associations and Campaigners for a Better World

Nicola Grace designed a mission strategy to save the Natural Health Industry of NZ from hostile legislation, that if passed would form an offshore regulatory corporation. The industry had fought for seven years to no avail, yet Nicola’s Visionary Strategy defeated the legislation within six months, ready-aim-captivemaking history. Nicola credits her success to 7 Habits, 10

Strategies and 12 Laws of Nature she now shares with you, your business or organization so you can achieve your missions despite obstacles too!

Six time author, three time best selling author, Nicola’s expert insights appear in Ready Aim Captivate along with visionaries Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall. She’s a feature Celebrity Expert in the book More.Better: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results.

Having started her professional life out as a secondary school History teacher, moving into theatre then film and television production, pr and marketing, Nicola has an eclectic background. As a serial entrepreneur she has owned businesses in dance theatre, corporate training, internet marketing, property investment, an organic day spa and now her education foundation and mentoring business. She brings a wealth of life and business experience to your business as an entrepreneur, business owner, intuitive visionary strategist, educator, cancer survivor and mission mentor. Having made history saving a billion dollar industry, defeating two different types of cancers, she is the undisputed expert on how to achieve your mission, even when facing impossible odds.

In today’s world, people want more than a talking head spouting unproven ideas. They want real solutions that create real results. While many in her field are motivational and transactional, Nicola Grace is transformational. Nicola is also an active humanitarian with a grand vision for the elevation of ALL of humanity she would like to share with you.

To set up a time to talk with Nicola about which mentoring package would work for you, email her your business details, best time and contact details to get back to you – nicola@nicolagrace.com