3 Success Factors For A Thriving Social Business

Has it ever occurred to you that the one thing you’d like most to change in the world, might actually be part of your mission?

I discovered a great many things that year. The least of which was that when we get that calling into higher world service, there are always clues as to what that service is and how to monetise it. AND it seams that each of us contributes to solving a problem in the world through the ripple effect, regardless of the size of the mission simvastatin generic name.In the infamous year of 2012 I took an unofficial survey of over 1,000 clients who came to me wanting to build a social business that would leave a legacy. Most of them were successful, but they had a gnawing feeling inside that there was a bigger mission looming. They just couldn’t put their finger on what that was for themselves. Which is why they came to me.

To my great and grateful surprise, I also discovered that each of us has a Mission Blueprint that outlines the best path for us to tap into the Universal Ocean of Abundance by stepping up into our higher purpose. Makes sense, because if we want to expand our financial experience we’re going to need to expand our vision, our actions and our selves to get it.

We’re Here To Make A Bigger Difference

I believe that 2012 was a massive transformational year in the psyche of humanity and we’re just beginning to see the results of that transformation now. I saw this big shift in my clientele that year. Previously about 85% of new clients came to me just wanting to know how to drive their business into greater prosperity. 99.9% of all my 2012 clients came to me saying one of two things:

  1. I feel like there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing that would make a bigger difference; or
  2. I’m earning good money but I want a business that gives back, but I’m scared I won’t make as much money.

It was like 2012 switched on the light, put out the call and catalysed a mass awakening and calling into our higher purpose – “Time to get to work and turn our mother earth ship in a new direction”.

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Business – The Next BIG Growth Industry

People started to want to marry these two ideas of wanting to make a difference, but still wanting an abundant standard of living, in greater and greater numbers.Online Generator Little alchemist Gems

Since then the growth of people monetising their mission has lead to the development of a robust social business industry. In fact social entrepreneurship is now touted to be the next big growth industry of the 21st Century. Entrepreneurs are using business skills to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

Deloitte University Press have coined the phrase that this is a “Solution Economy” emerging. See a problem, set up a business to solve it. But just because you go into business to solve a problem doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at solving it, or financially viable. Unless of course it is your precise mission to solve it.

Just because you start a social business, doesn’t mean it’s going to be any more successful than a mercenary business which is only based on making money. Monetizing your mission to make a difference in today’s global economy needs a few extra success factors at your foundation.

Mission Driven Social Business Success Factors

A social business model, to be successfully monetised needs to master these three concepts:

  • You must be doing what you’re on this planet to do – Your Precise Life Mission. Otherwise you’re Soul will keep manifesting struggle, distraction and poor results until you finally get the message and finally answer the calling that you’re meant for bigger things.
  • You must be leading in your business via whatever expression methods lead to your greater expansion. Because you’re a Changemaker and therefore going to be expanding the world experience through the difference you make, you need some mojo. Your greater Mission Mojo comes when you express yourself via your soul’s primary expression modalities.This is because your Soul has magnetic power to manifest. So when you’re expanding beyond your current experience, you have the greatest activation of magnetic mojo power there is precisely because you’re fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose of expansion.
  • Your monetisation model needs to be leveraged, lead with social profit, and leave a legacy. The definition of monetisation is not to just sell stuff. You see social entrepreneurship isn’t about selling a product or service to make money. That’s the traditional business model.It’s about the triple bottom line – Purpose, People and Profit. It’s also all about leveraged income and leaving legacy, so when you go on vacation, or leave the planet, your solution still gets out, and money still comes in. People are benefiting from your gifts and talents here on earth long after you’ve moved on.

When we get the marriage right of these three concepts, not only do we take our rightful place in at the Universal Picnic Table of life, we’re participating in the transformation of the world. I truly believe that when we on mass step up to our higher calling and make more money by making a bigger difference, we’ll accelerate positive change in the world. By becoming Magnificent Changemakers in this way, we are contributing to the creation of a Magnificent World where all may prosper.

I’ve had the vision. I’ve seen the divine plan for the peaceful transition into this New Earth that Eckhart Tolle talks about. That vision happens when each of us answers that calling, and get’s whatever help is needed to make sure your on mission and set up for it to be accomplished!

An Invitation To Become A Magnificent Changemaker

If you’re feeling like there’s something else out there that you’re meant to be doing, and you want to make more money by making a bigger difference, then I’ve made a special Multi-Media Training just for you. It’s the Ultimate Social Entrepreneur Training for people wanting to use their business skills to drive social and planetary change.

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