Nicola’s Mission

I am on a mission to change the way we think about what we do, so together we can create a magnificent world for everyone, the planet and the creatures under our care!

Watch the video to here about My Big Vision on how your life’s Mission and Purpose will transform the world and transition into a new age of prosperity for all..

We have been raised to believe we are limited material beings living in a limiting material world of scarce resources that we must control the distribution of. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Quantum Physicists are telling us that everything we experience starts in consciousness, and there is no shortage of consciousness. It is in abundance and always evolving. Our World is one of abundance.

There is more than enough food, shelter, money and love in the world for everyone to prosper. We just have a system of control that is born from elitest and separate thinking. If we simply changed our thinking about what we do, we’d change our world.

Let me explain…

In the pivotal year of 2012 I just happened to conduct over 1,000 Intuitive Visionary Mastermind sessions for business owners wanting to transition into a business that was more meaningful and purpose driven, yet without sacrificing their financial well being. As I began to look into their futures, I discovered each of them had a Soul Mission Blueprint that outlined the specific Higher Purpose and Life Mission, that would connect them to a creative power within them to make a better world.

When I stepped back to look at the ripple effect of each of these clients fulfilling their mission, I saw the potential for a graceful and peaceful transition from the current mercenary elitist industrial world, to a more loving, kind, equitable, sustainable and magnificent world for ALL of humanity, and for the creatures and planet under our care.

Now they say that in clinical trials, 1,000 people gives you enough of a cross section of the population to make reasonable statistical conclusions about that population. So I made the reasonable conclusion that 100% of the world’s population have a mission blueprint and the potential to make a difference, Through the ripple effect of everyone playing their role in the creation of a better world. we would raise the roof on the human experience from one of magnificence to pure genius!

It is my unshakable belief that when we on mass shift our thinking from going to work to make money for money’s sake, to making more money by making a bigger difference, we will not only transform the monetary system, we’ll transform the world.

… And so I am on a mission to help activate 1,000,000 entrepreneurs mission blueprints and help them create their winning mission strategies to see their life work and grand visions become a reality. By working with 1 million entrepreneurs, I know they will effect at least 7,000 people in the world, through their social business. 1 million social entrepreneurs x 7,000 people whose lives they improve, makes up 7 billion. Which is the current world population.

The entire world would be served and made dramatically more magnificent if just 1 million social entrepreneurs got  clear on their Life Mission, connected to their Mission Blueprint and achieved their vision through a Winning Mission Strategy. How cool is that!

So… If what I have been saying is resonating with you, and you are curious to know what is on your Mission Blueprint so you can connect to your creative power and pathway to realize your grand vision for the world, here’s how we can work together…

Monetize Your Mission For World Change Strategy

Whether you are:

  • A Social Entrepreneur on a mission but struggling with the achievement and monetization equation;
  • Or you’re a business owner who wants to transition from a mercenary business out to make money for the sake of money, to a missionary business out to make money by creating greater good in the world;
  • Or someone who wants to start a “business for good” and become one of the growing number of social entrepreneurs changing the world;
  • Or a community group; social enterprise or co-operative wanting to monetize your mission so it’s fully funded and economically self sustainable, …

I would love to help you gain the clarity, direction and confidence you need to monetize your life’s mission. Choose from one of the following training program based on your level of commitment and readiness.


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