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About Nicola Grace

I had a vision at the end of the 2012 that woke up my passion to work with social entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers globally. I had just consulted to over 1,000 successful business owners, and a handful of professionals, that were all wanting to make a bigger contribution to the betterment of humanity and our planet.

There was no armageddon that year, but there was a massive “I’m-a geddon outa here” as both professionals and entrepreneurs woke up to the fact that they had a mission that is part of building the “New Earth” or “Golden Age of Prosperity”. As I was contemplating the year, a vision opened up and I saw a peaceful transition from the inequitable world we have now, to that Golden Age where everyone prospered and our planet flourished.

There was no big financial crash that left those without gold, silver and bitcoin homeless and starving. To the contrary. This peaceful transition began to emerge as the loudest signal on earth, because people from all cultures started to transition out of making money for the sake of money, to making money through social business, as they stepped into monetisation of their Life’s Mission and Purpose.

This was a vision of the potential future, if we just follow our unique Mission Blueprint, aligning ourselves and strategies to the harmonious and Un-defeatable Laws Of Nature. It’s part of my Life’s Big Mission to make sure that potential future becomes our reality.

I invite you to join me creating a Human Renaissance, through entrepreneurial activism, that instigates global systemic change. You’ll be among the growing number of awakened entrepreneurs building robust social business platforms, that actively make a global social, or environmental impact, so we bring about that peaceful transition into a Golden Age of Prosperity for all humanity, the planet and the creatures under our care. It’s time!


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Right Mission Right Money

Right Mission Right Money is Nicola’s global Social Entrepreneur Training program that helps you clarify and monetise your mission and purpose, then helps removes the blocks that come up along the way.

This comprehensive social business building trainman guides you through the discovery of your Soul Mojo expressions, life’s Mission & Purpose, message, Soul Niche tribe, leveraged offers & pricing, best marketing strategies that align with your Purpose.

If its time for you to stop wishing you could make a global impact and create a better world, and start clarifying your unique Mission Mojo pathway to leave your legacy, Right Mission Right Money allows you to access Nicola’s incredible training from the comfort of your own space; or join her group mentoring version, or private mentored option.

Mission Mojo Discovery Day

This is an action packed 4 hour online workshop LIVE, where you work with Nicola to learn how to implement the 5 step Purpose To Profit formula so you can build a leveraged, sustainable business aligned to your life's purpose and mission.

You'll also be guided through two of her highly transformational, and much loved self discovery processes, to finally find out what you're really here to do, what your contribution to the evolution of humanity and the planet is, and what you need to put together to get detailed clarity of direction.

You'll walk away from this workshop thinking differently about the difference you're here to make, and why you're here, as well as how to integrate what you've learned into a business model that will sustain you and leave your legacy.

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Leadership and Legacy Retreat

Introducing Right Mission Right Money Leadership & Legacy Retreat
2018: Costa Rica
The Social Entrepreneur Business Building Retreat That Helps You Clarify & Design The Best Pathway To Your Next Level Mission & Purpose & Build A Solid Platform For a Successful Social Business

More Than Just A Business Seminar … It’s A Transformational Mentored Step-By-Step Self Discovery Journey That Leads You To What You’re Really Here To Do, And Who You’re Here To Serve – Plus How To Make Money From That, So You Can Make A Bigger Impact! 

You receive mentoring and personal intuitive guidance from Nicola every step of the way, for 3 days
PLUS you’ll have training & 3 guidance calls PRE Retreat so you can really drill down into your success pathway at the event.

Participants say "This far exceeded my expectations."

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Mojo Up Your Business

Mojo Up Your Business is the first module in the Right Mission Right Money social entrepreneur training that is designed to isolate one aspect of your purpose that when implemented into an existing business, can increase your magnetism, give you more passion & unleash your awesome impact.

You can start the Mojo Up Journey by doing Nicola's free 20 minute training where she'll teach you:

  • The real reason 90% of businesses are failing to turn a profit and end up in debt, in-spite of over 100 years of business gurus and what you can do to increase your odds of abundant success .
  •  How the deeper layers of your purpose can give you clear business direction and magnetize better results.
  •  Where you need to focus your attention to get purposeful rapid growth to "Mojo Up" your business, expand your sales, get more clients and increase your results.
  •  What aspects of your purpose carry magnetism that, when integrated into your business, will attract the right clients and customers to you.
  •   The 3 steps you need to take to mojo up your business so you're passionate about what you do.
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