Social Entrepreneurship – The Social Way To Monetize Your Mission

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Social Entrepreneurship – The Social Way To Monetize Your Mission

Social-EntrepreneurshipThe past five years have seen a huge surge in people seeking greater meaning and purpose to their working life. This surge inturn has given rise to the modern day phenomenon – Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship is the act of using a for profit business model to solve some social, planetary or environmental problem. The bottom line is not just measured in profit for the social entrepreneur, it’s measured in terms of the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Prosperity.

Did you know that Millennials are 80% more likely to create a business that will drive social change, than baby boomers who would start a charity or foundation instead of using a for profit business model.  Making money by making a difference is the new trend driving a more heart centred economy into existence.

Yet purpose driven people often struggle with money and 50% of businesses fail  in their first few years. So being on purpose and using a business model to drive social change doesn’t guarantee your success.

The majority of purpose seekers, who come to me in search of building their business around their mission, struggle to link purpose with financial prosperity. Sometimes they don’t even believe that’s possible.

Too many people have fallen into the trap of “Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow” at the expense of following good monetization principles of business. Great name for a book, but as many have found, it’s not always true.  Struggling financially, even when you’re on purpose and doing what you love, takes the joy out of your purpose filled life. It’s not supposed to be that way if you’re on purpose right?

As I discovered in my own journey of rebuilding my life after the second encounter with cancer and loosing my business, there are mission pieces to the puzzle. These missing pieces, when we find them for ourselves and implement them into our business have the ability to not only give us that fulfilling and prosperous life we strive for, but also have the potential to solve even the biggest problems of the world faces.

Deloitte University is calling today’s economy the Solution economy. We have the opportunity to see a social problem and create a social business to solve it. While the success of any social business requires the well know extension of good business basics, as I’ve have found, you also need a more spiritual foundation to succeed. Where as traditional businesses can do well if the foundation of the business is just to make money, social business needs a different set of values to succeed.

If you use the old value system in the new way of doing business you don’t have the success alignment.

There are several key elements a social business or social entrepreneur needs to have solid foundation for the success of their business. The first focus is that they are expressing themselves within the business, according to what I call your Soul Primary Expression Modalities. These are the methods of expression your Soul has determined will give you the greatest expansion, success and happiness.

Another important factor that must be part of the foundation of your social business is that you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re following your higher purpose, personal mission and for some this might even be your life’s work. Without being on track to what you’re here to do, you’ll get pulled of what you’re currently doing at some stage, to focus on what you’re supposed to be doing.

Don’t look to what you think your purpose is in hope of accurately monetizing your Life’s Work. It’s part of it, but the critical factor missing for most people struggling to live on purpose and in financial prosperity, is that they have not found the precise thing they’re here to do (personal mission), and they’ve monetized the wrong activity, focusing instead on something that won’t bare fruit. Hence, they struggle to reach fruition in their business or mission.

So once you know your expansion expressions and your mission you need to nail your monetization method for today’s emerging heart centered economy.

When I discovered this for myself it gave me the clearest direction to accurately monetize my life’s work. Within a very short period of time I broke the six figure glass ceiling, became a 3 time international best selling author and began to see phenomenal results in my business. I’m noticing with my clients that have previously flounded in business, pick up great speed when they have implemented these three principles into their business.

I think we are living in a great time of opportunity where you can monetize just about anything, making a difference, living on purpose and making more money without compromising your Soul. Look at Kid President, Blake McKroskie of Toms, Cynthia Koenig. They’ve taken the concept of monetizing their mission to such heights, it’s inspiring. Imagine a world where everyone was making money by making a difference, inspiring others, rather than just working to pay the bills?

You, like everyone else, were born to make a big difference and you can make that difference making the money you deserve by locating your precise personal mission, then looking to  monetize that. So in the words of Kid President – Come on adults – let’s not be boring. Let’s, “get out there” and, “Create something that will make the world awesome!” fulfilling the very reason we were born – achieving our Personal Mission.


If that is something that get’s you excited, then I have a very special treat for you. I have a Magnificent Changemakers Blueprint you can Download right now in which you’ll learn:


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