What Others Have Said About Working With Nicola

Screen-Shot-2014-11-26-at-10.04.02-am-150x150” This is my thank you to Nicola Grace. Her unique skill set has helped me enormously in such a short period of time. My project is multi-faceted and somewhat complex. After just one VIP Day with her followed by a very impressive report, I had have a clear strategy with logical steps in place. Nicola’s no nonsense concentrated intensive work unraveled so much more than would be achieved in a series of shorter sessions.

The depth and clarity of thought that ensued has allowed me to dream and think bigger than I could ever have imagined – truly inspirational.I’ve gone on to hire her as my secret weapon this year which is proving invaluable. Meeting with her regularly keeps me focused. I’m able to get on the spot insights into decisions, which so far has saved me time and potential money as well. She keeps me on track to my mission, and focusing on doing what is required to generate immediate revenue. I honestly don’t know how I would proceed without her. Probably by making a lot of unnecessary mistakes and wasting time and money as has happened in the past. Thank you Nicola.”
Dr John Moore, The Youth and Vitality Doctor


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.05.10 am“I have had the great pleasure (and fortune) of working one on one with Nicola Grace over the past 18 months. I call her my secret weapon in business. Since working with Nicola, My life has got better and better. I am doing what I love without financial anxiety, and the best part is that I now have the inner ‘tools’ to deal with everyday life.

Nicola has been able to uniquely guide me by pinpointing my SPECIFIC self sabotage patterns. Once I became aware of what they were, I could then change them – much like re-wiring a house, or installing new software in a computer.  I highly recommend you become a trusted client of hers immediately. You’ll be glad you did.”
Lucie Delacy, Social Entrepreneur and Social Innovator



“Nicola is an absolute genius as an intuitive reader. As someone who specialises in transformation myself, I have worked a lot with many experts and practitioners on releasing my blocks to wealth, success and freedom. And Nicola’s reading was firstly great confirmation for the work I have already done, but I was surprised that she was able to reveal some crucial blocks that I was unaware of and had been unable to uncover in the work I had done previously. Nicola’s Mass Attraction Equation reading is going to return dividends in my business and my life.

I am starting to see some dramatic shifts in the way I am showing up in the world, my feeling of confidence and how I am approaching the work that I do. What Nicola was able to reveal in the session I had with her has been the catalyst for moving me and my business to the next level.I  know that the value of you working with her will be priceless. No matter where you are at in your business and your financial life, I highly recommend you work with Nicola to help reveal what is holding you back. I guarantee working with her will pay you back many times over.”
Marguerita Vorobioff, Entrepreneur & Money Transformation Coach


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.29.51 am“I have great experience working with coaches. I believe in coaching. What is unbelievable to me, I just had this session with Nicola Grace. Not knowing me very well she just changed my life, changed my business. I’ve been trying to figure out how to monetise my business so it’s win win for the world. And She just like an angel made this all happen for me. I see it, I know it, I feel it, I am embodied with what we just went through. I can tell you that I have had a lot of coaches and I’ve never had an experience like what I just had with Nicola. Nicola Grace is an amazing transformational coach.

You’ll get more value in an hour than you can dream of having.
Barbarah Gummin, CEO The Life Coaching Connection 5


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.40.29 am“I came to the session with Nicola wanting clear direction and I got that and then some. Out of the 3 double sided pages of notes I took, I was able to find what limitations were holding me back, what my possibilities were for the future and clearer direction on my purpose and mission. She was able to go right to all the things that I needed to clear which was very valuable. It was like a shortcut on steroids to get to important underlying issues that I didn’t even know where there, but I resonated with. It was crystal clear. I got a lot of insight into what my possibilities are, and where my limitations and fears came from.

The vision of my future Nicola opened up for me allowed me to find my unique place in the world which was very empowering. When she tapped into possible future timelines, like what would have happened if I hadn’t made this turn in the road, or if I functioned from the level of higher self what would have happened, it facilitated accelerated speed for me clearing my limitations. It’s making creating the brighter future that much faster. The session was surprisingly intellectually stimulating as well. By seeing the future possibilities I could just move into leaving the past behind and merge onto the new timeline that had a brighter future.

I received super valuable information on what next to focus on, one step at a time. I was also able to take what she gave me and create my new elevator pitch. That was worth the session right there. I’ve also been able to formulate 38 new positive beliefs just from the notes. I walked away feeling empowered with bright hope for my future. You gotta have a session with her now.“
Dr David Camhil, Chiropractor



Emily-Miller“Wow we blasted through a huge amount in my Business Oracle session with Nicola Grace. I greatly appreciated her insights, gifts and energy helping me move forward in my business.  Nicola identified where I was stagnant and the steps I need to take to help me go to the next level and next level of income in my business. I now have valuable information on how to put my sales funnel and marketing together quickly. I also got great information of how I can leverage my business by creating a valuable product for clients.


I have a clear strategy for reaching my financial goals. I also received some great direction on taking my business brand and positioning up a notch to attract more of the ideal clients I am looking for. I’m so happy and grateful I did this because now I feel excited and passionate about my business again, how it fits in with my new lifestyle as a happily married women in a new country as well as how it fits in with my Soul’s purpose. It feels really good to have this clarity and a new sense of life purpose. Like I said, I got a huge amount of clarity, business strategies and direction from this one session. Nicola always adds such great value to your business. It’s simply a must for every Social Entrepreneur to have an Oracle session with her.”
Emily Miller,Emily West-Sadler, Holistic Media Consultant – VA Business Owner for Conscious Social Entrepreneurs


Success Stories For Nicolas Signature Mentoring Program

Right Mission Right Money

(PLEASE NOTE: Right Mission Right Money Use To Be Called Mission Blueprint. We have not changed the testimonials to reflect the change, to remain in authenticity. Any reference to Mission Blueprint in these testimonials there for, refers to what is now Right Mission Right Money Program )


rsz_nainaRight Mission Right Money changed my life. I was lost searching for my life purpose and had tried many many life purpose courses. None were as specific as RMRM. I tried human design, fingerprint analysis, numerology, various visioning exercising and also hired a very expensive corporate executive coach to tell me what I was meant to do and what work I was aligned to do. But none helped as they were not specific enough and each left me confused. However when I finished RMRM the information I had gathered from all those other courses I had done all made sense. It was like I could finally put to pieces to the jigsaw puzzle together and it all made sense.

The RMRM process tells you exactly not just what your life purpose is but also your target audience, niche market and most important exactly what your message is in exact words. I found it invaluable for this reason alone, the most specific information I could ever get hold of in relation to my life purpose and how I am meant to serve on this planet.

Some of the side benefits I felt during and after RMRM were that I lit up from within, it felt like I had finally woken up from a deep sleep and had connected with my passions. I had chronic fatigue for several years and spent my time in bed most days. I tried everything to get myself better, saw many healers, rested, relaxed, had the best nutrition and nothing really helped long term. After RMRM I sprung out of bed and felt energized. I could not believe it!!! All it took was for me to connect with my life purpose, to connect with my light within.

Nicola helped as she is an intuitive psychic and is able to do intuitive readings to ensure and confirm that the information you worked out from all the exercise was accurate and was from your soul. My life has never been the same since I completed RMRM. I am now on purpose and unstoppable. I wasted so much of my life not being on purpose and do not want to waste a second now. I am now doing the work I love and building my own business. Thanks to RMRM, I still use the results I got from RMRM in my business to remind myself each step of the way whether or not the work I do and produce is aligned with my message and life purpose.
Naina Rama, Life Direction Consultant 


Nikki-Clifton“I’ve been on a pretty intensive self growth journey, taken many courses, but never could get clear on my purpose so that everything else would fall into place. I use to have a business promoting events with visionary leaders including Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. They were successful on many levels but I didn’t have all of the pieces to build financial sustainability. Right Mission Right Money gave me all those pieces. I now have great clarity on my purpose and my mission and clear direction to move forward.The Life Path Plan we created has given me a guiding light and confidence to take right action knowing what happened before to stop me, won’t happen again.  Even before ending the course I was able to initiate the first project in my new business on purpose and surprisingly am receiving more money than was expected. That has allowed me to switch from my job to focus on my mission driven business 100%.

The course has also helped me tie all the different pieces of life together. It’s given me a lot of joy to know that what I love to do and what I enjoy doing is what I’m really here to do . That has been really freeing. While I’m an experienced meditator of 10 years, Nicola’s Heart Soul Connection meditation shifted everything with me. Very quickly within minutes I can get into a very deep and still meditation. I come away feeling refreshed and peaceful.  I have more clarity on how guidance comes to me and trust that I do have access to universal creative genius that gives meanswers I can trust. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with Nicola. Right Mission Right Money is an experience so many people can benefit from it and the more people we can get dong this work the better world we’re going to have. I highly recommend you become part of her global taskforce of changemakers like me. Nicola is a master at helping people discover the universal creative genius within and integrating that with practical and proven business strategies to create a winning blueprint for the social entrepreneur.”
Nikki Clifton – Transformation Events Designer & Social Entrepreneur


Lisa-EnglesDiscovering my precise mission and niche has made a profound impact in my business.  For a long time I felt stuck.  I knew I was headed in the right direction, but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t having the success that I desired.  Working with Nicola and going through her Missions Blueprint process revealed the missing link for me.  I identified my primary expression modalities and realized that I wasn’t using two of them at all in my business.I immediately implemented these modalities and within 3 weeks I had a complete shift in my business.  I got noticed by a top executive at Google as well as top Google influencers, I doubled my following online and I was approached by influencers in my niche to work with them.

Working with Nicola has given me the understanding of how to read the clues my Soul has been droping me, which has in turn, helped me to move forward with the work that I know I’m here to do in the world.  Nicola’s process is unlike any I’ve ever done before (and I’ve being in the business of personal growth for almost 20 years).  I can’t say enough about the work Nicola does. It’s a no brainer to work with her and it’s well well worth the investment.”
Lisa Engles, Business Owner Innerstate Coaching



“I went from drowning in debt, too scared to go to my factory, to scared to go home, facing bankruptcy and loosing my house, to being on purpose and financially secure for life, doing what I love… When you said personal disasters are often created from being off track to your true purpose – I finally got it. I’d been following a false purpose. No wonder I was struggling.

Since completing ‘Mission Blueprint’ my life keeps getting better and better… I have more time for my hobbies, I have money to invest, my family relationships have improved and interesting people are coming into my orbit… While the rest of Europe appears to be crumbling economically, I feel like I’m living in the land of opportunities.My life has gone from being stressful to inspiring. Thank you so much Nicola. The clearing of the blocks and the practical steps you have in this course make it far superior to anything else I’ve ever done. My life would not be so fantastic if you had not been doing your purpose. Thank you once again.”
Annie Kanghura, Serial Entrepreneur


“I did the Mission Blueprint program because I wanted to work on my Inner belief system. I knew what my purpose was but there was a lack of self belief in my abilities to do my life’s work and I didn’t have enough clients or money for that work. The Mission Blueprint matrix of magnetic beliefs really shifted that. I dealt with money issues and I have a lot more work coming in. I had my busiest month ever last month doing what I love. Now I’m booked several weeks in advance. I had much more energy after the course than I went in with. There has definitely been a shift in the lack which is great. I faced my issues without getting swamped by them. And shifted the blocks. Now I’m in Right Action, opportunities are opening up for me to travel with my work and take it to the next level. I’ve attracted all sorts of people to help promote me and take my teaching and healing wot the next level. It’s just been amazing.”
Dean Rawlings – Teacher, Healer


“Before doing Mission Blueprint I was considering what I wanted to do in my life. I wanted to know where my soul was leading me to fulfill my purpose, after having wandering around the globe for the past few years. I found the course filled with great content and clear calls for action with easy to follow videos and documents. I learned how to tune in to my higher purpose. The thing that stuck out in my mind was the new information about following a false purpose or allowing a saboteur theme to come in knock me off my path of my true purpose. Now I feel more comfortable to be who I am, more open and expansive, on purpose knowing where I’m going. My life is good. I’m getting international interviews about my work and advancing toward my goals. My business is gaining more exposure and amazing opportunities are knocking on my door. The course has given me more ease and grace to be in flow with life. The opportunity to focus on your own life purpose and life themes is a precious gift and the celestial healing will go on working whether you believe in it or not. I highly recommend you take this journey with Nicola Grace.”
Emily West-Sadler, Holistic Media Consultant


“Once I got into the course, I loved, loved, loved it. I loved Nicola’s speaking style. It’s friendly, open and fun. With my NLP background, the unconscious mind is one of my pet interests, so I loved how the processes get you to delve into the unconscious mind, uncovering clues to how I’ve been holding myself back. It’s so important, in moving forward to expose the learnings from past experiences and maximize them. This course is helping me do this. I’m excited about my future and what it holds. Mission Blueprint began to give me clarity within the first half of the very first module. This is great value and a great investment in yourself. Nicola is fun and relaxed makes me feel at ease and cared for. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has been struggling with their purpose and meaning in life. It’s a decision you will be glad you made.”
Jacleen Allen, Energy Healer/Life Coach

“I was already expressing one of my Soul’s modalities but was dissatisfied with my current position and wanted to expand knowing there was more I needed to do. During the DNA of Self Discovery Process with Nicola, I was able to establish all of my Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities which helped me clarify my mission and purpose. It clarified the direction I needed to go in to expand my purpose and the steps to take. I clarified what it was I was actually here to teach and who my niche market is. It was great to have my vision supported and now I’m in the process of transitioning from my job to my new business as a writer, speaker, spiritual teacher. In three short months, following Nicola’s step by step Mission Blueprint Formula, I’ve completed the outline of my first book and am preparing to teach my first set of classes knowing exactly what to do, and have a clear direction forward. This has given me confidence I can keep making progress. Discovering my Soul’s Primary Expression Modalities and Soul Buzz Words has been very powerful, and continues to provide me with clear direction in every aspect of building my new business.”
Fiona Nixon – Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Writer

“Following on from completing the Mission Blueprint Formula, I started telling someone about what I did and could see she wasn’t really connected to what I was saying. So I switched to using some of my Soul Buzz Words and Primary Expression Modalities, and she strongly resonated with what I was saying. I also got the attention of her assistant. They become more interested in what I was doing and recommended people that would be interested in my work.
Now I’m using my soul power words in all my marketing material. Within the first few weeks of completing Mission Blueprint, starting out in my new healing and clearing business, I had clients already which put me in business earning money doing what I love.”
Kathy Ranford – Clearing Practitioner, Speaker, Writer


“A big thank you Nicola for the Mission Blueprint. Prior to doing your course I had thought that I was living on purpose and that I was moving with confidence in the right direction. Through the course I have been able to reaffirm that this is indeed the case yet you have given me distinctions and even greater clarity to be able to prioritize and really focus both my attention and intention.

You are so generous with your information Nicola that I now understand very clearly why certain things are the way they are – and that helps me to plan and focus to get the very best results moving forwards.”

Ruth Thirtle, Business Results Catalyst