The High Cost of Delaying Life Direction Corrections

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Have you ever been slam dunked by the Universe, because you ignored or didn’t act on intuitive guidance to reassess or make an important mid course correction?

How do you know if you need to reassess the direction you’re going in? Read on to find out…

Several decades ago I learned from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, that when we’re off track and need to pay attention to something, the Universe will send us a Mini to nudge us in the right direction. If we don’t stop to learn the lesson and realign we’ll get sent a truck. If we keep ignoring the signs and lessons, eventually we get sent a Mac Truck that flattens us, to give us an opportunity to finally listen, regroup and realign to the right path.

That Mini can come in many forms including a friend, colleague or client asking you if you’re on track; It can come in the form of a failed campaign or strategy; It can come via a sense that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing, or something’s not quite right.

Ignore those signs and you’ll be sent signals in the form of a minor illness, things going progressively wrong (or not according to plan), persistent struggle, minor accidents, stressful challenges.

Ignore those signals and along comes that Mac Truck …. Whether it’s getting a major illness; having a major accident; working hard and going backwards financially; feeling depressed about your life; getting fired; filing for bankruptcy; loosing a relationship; that truck does come if we consistently ignore the earlier warning signals.

We pay a high price in life when we ignore warning signals and don’t take the time to reassess, regroup and realign.

You’ll know from my personal story of surviving cancer twice and saving a billion dollar industry from ruin, only to go bankrupt in my own business, that I’ve had several Mac Trucks in life. I have learned from the school of hard knocks that as soon as those early warning signals show up, it’s time to invest time in reassessing, regrouping and realigning.

So how do you know if it’s time to reassess your life direction?

I’ve seen many teachers in my industry saying that when you’re on purpose there’s flow and synchronicity happening in life. The problem with that is, because most of what we experience on a daily basis is the result of our subconscious mind programming, we could be experiencing flow and synchronicity because we are aligned to that programming.

Now that’s not a bad thing if the programming is positive and aligned to our purpose and what we want in life. But if the programming is negative, you’ll be flowing in a not so positive direction. So how do you know if you’re on track?

There are three simple ways you know you’re on track:

  1. You’re getting your desired outcomes or “even better than expected” outcomes;
  2. You wake up joyful, alive and enthusiastic, bouncing out of bed to start your day;
  3. You feel a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction at the end of your day.

Things don’t always flow when you’re on purpose. Sometimes you meet lots of challenges because that is part of your purpose. Far from flowing it can feel starchy like you’re wading through porridge. That’s why looking to the outcomes you’re creating, and the feelings you are experiencing, are key to determining whether or not you’re 100% aligned to the right direction in life.

If you do not have all three of these experiences I just listed, then something is out of alignment and it’s time to invest time in reassessing, regrouping and realigning so you avoid that Mac Truck.

It’s a good idea to take time to reassess your business or career periodically regardless of whether their are signs you’re off track. In fact it’s what successful professionals and entrepreneurs do regularly.

In my experience of helping thousands of professionals and business owners find, follow and accurately monetize their life’s work, there are 7 places I’ve found you need to reassess and realign so feel on track and avoid that Mac Truck. Here are 7 questions you can ask to make sure you are aligned in all 7 places:

Are you aligned to your Mission Blueprint – this is the blueprint for your best life outcomes and the best path to fulfil your Life’s Purpose;

Is your career or business aligned to an “Accurate Monetization Method? If it’s not you’ll be working hard for less than you want and deserve;

Do you feel connected to your Soul and it’s intuitive guidance and wisdom? This is the single most important alignment that makes all the other steps that much easier. It also helps you feel a deep sense of connection to life and the meaning of your life;

Do you have a clear strategic plan aligned to your true Life Path? Without a clear strategic plan you can too easily get derailed and lost. You could also be spending too much time in activities that won’t lead you to your desired outcomes at the expense of those activities that do;

Is your Subconscious Mind in agreement with your plans and goals? The beliefs stored in our subconscious mind determine our life outcomes. They can often be in conflict with our desire to live on purpose and in prosperity. Without a properly aligned subconscious mind that is in agreement with our actions, we will struggle to get the outcomes we’re looking for. In fact all struggle comes from being out of alignment in either the subconscious mind, our actions, our Soul’s purpose, or all three;

Are you taking Right Action? You’re wasting your time if you’re doing a whole lot, but it’s not the Right Action in alignment your best pathway forward. It’s like paddling up stream with one paddle. It’s far more efficient to strategically take Right Action in the right direction; Are you in tune with the “Rhythm Of Your Life’s Lessons” so you make sure and steady progress? Being in tune means you are aligned to your Soul, and your life, AND you’re listening for those signals to keep you on track making mid course corrections on a regular basis. We rarely get things 100% right 100% of the time. Mistakes need to be made so life lessons can be learned. The difference is that when you are aligned to your life’s rhythm you have the conscious awareness of what the signs mean and what you need to do to adjust so your corrections keep you on track.

Progressing any further in life without proper alignment in all of these 7 areas only mean, in the words of Steven Covey of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “If the ladder is against the wrong wall then every step you take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” And that could mean a Mac Truck is waiting around the bend. Why would you take one more step without knowing if you’re 100% aligned to the right direction?

So is it time for you to reassess, regroup and realign before it’s too late and life slam dunks you the harsh lesson?

In my upcoming Teleseminar series Right Mission Right Money you have an Opportunity to reassess, regroup and realign to your entire reason for being on the planet. It’s for you if you feel you need to realign to your best pathway forward in alignment with your Higher Purpose. It’s also for you if you feel there is a higher purpose to the work you do, perhaps you feel a little joyless in your current work/business and you want change to something deeply satisfying.

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You’ll also be trained in how to achieve a greater connection with your Soul and intuitive guidance; how to create a Life Path Plan that strategically maps out how you get from where you are now to where you want to be, plus how to realign your subconscious mind so you can derive financial prosperity from living your Life’s Mission and Purpose, plus a whole lot more.

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I love teaching this work because I know when each of us step up to our Mission Blueprint we’ll be co-creating the very magnificent world we all of dream of living in. We can expect to experience the higher potential the world is capable of reaching, if we’re not prepared to step up to our higher potential and higher purpose. The world desperately needs us answering our higher calling, accurately monetised so we can focus on what we love to do, making a bigger difference without stressing about how the bills are going to get paid.

I invite you to join me on this sacred Self Discovery and Alignment journey.

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