A new way of impacting change for visionary leaders, conscious social entrepreneurs, innovators and master transformers.

“The Influencers” is a transformation and mission driven business development community that gives you access to leading edge training, a Genius Databank, new business and manifestation models, strategies, personal transformation and clearing ensuring you’re operating from your Higher Potential and influence change in a highly leveraged way.

Members of “The Influencers” enjoy a collaborative meeting of conscious social entrepreneurs and innovators passionate about growing mission driven businesses that impact world change on a global scale. The focus is on doing business in a completely different way utilizing leading edge Quantum Science of Mind and proven revolutionary new manifestation techniques.

What’s Included On The Inside?

Building Your Legacy: A comprehensive Training, Strategies, Soul-Searching & Self Discovery processes to get greater clarity on why you’re really on the planet; what problem you’ve come here to solve; and how to structure your business monetization model so you get well paid to focus on solving that problem. You’ll unpack your Genius Mission Mojo Zone to clarify your path to being a global influencer and awakening to the creator being within.

Access Genius Databank: Monthly meeting of masterminds to enhance your ability to access The Genius Databank with you and other Mission Team members so you can advance your missions month on month. Network with thought-leaders, visionaries, master healers, global Changemakers, and innovative social entrepreneurs. We’ll look for the fastest most efficient ways to bring rapid growth to your business each month, keeping on track and accountable to your dreams.

Planetary Shift Masterminds: This is a monthly personal blockbusting on steroids as you’ll apply principles of Quantum Activism to Influence change, transformation and the elevation of consciousness while keeping yourself clear of personal limitations and self sabotage so your unleashed as an unstoppable force for good in the world.

Sitting With The Oracle: Power sessions over the course of the year to help you personally and professionally implement the strategies that grow and scale your mission to make that big impact, and give you accountability.

2 Mission Masters Retreats: Full emersion into your business, new ways of leadership and influence, and the way you impact change in the world. 1 Virtual retreat and 1 Live retreat in either (South Africa, Australia or the United States).

Quantum GameChanger Training: Access to the Treasure Trove of training, tools, strategies to build your impact and thought leadership online, in the metaphysical and the physical world. You’ll learn the Undefeatable Laws of Nature that help you make your missions for change like those laws – undefeatable; plus the habits of highly effective Changemakers and influential communication.

You’ll be working on your mission driven business from a revolutionary new perspective that fully incorporates your Higher Potential as a Creator Being awakening to your destiny to shift world reality for the good of all human kind, our planet and the creatures under our care.

If you’d like to apply to being part of “The Influencers”, complete the application form below:

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