The Role of Life Purpose In the Shifting Economy

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Searching for life purpose, personal missionThere is a way we can make more money by making a bigger difference despite the shifting economy, that has us living 100% true to our life purpose. No longer sacrificing our precious working life, slogging away at something that doesn’t fulfill us, at the expense of feeling that deeper sense of purpose to our life. Money! Life Purpose! Can we have both, especially while we live in a tenuous economy?

The Dilemma of Purpose + Money

The answer is yes, and not only is it yes, our Life Purpose plays a role in shifting the economy to a more heart centered structure where all can prosper and not just the few. But first we’ve got to get to grips with why we have the economic problems we have. Because we spiritual, conscious awake professionals and entrepreneurs have a real dilemma on our hands, don’t we?

We’d much rather be focusing 100% on our purpose, raising awareness, being in high service to the world, transforming it to a better place where all can prosper – and yet we need money to not only survive and thrive, but to be able to make an even bigger difference. We see the Industrial moguls continuing to make billions by looting and pillaging our planet and we say “No, not that”. “If that’s how you get rich I don’t want to be like that!” At the same time we know we can, and we deserve to, experience the abundance of our Universe.

Hence the dilemma! There’s this tug of war going on inside of us. One part of us wants to passionately be full time transformers and changemakers living true to our purpose and mission (the action part of our purpose), not having to worry about money – the other part of us could be struggling to make the kind of Right Money we need and want. And quite frankly, that money would be better invested if it were in our hands, wouldn’t it?

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change, and we know there’s an “Emerging NEW Economic Storm” heading our way. According to Harry Dent, Author of The Great Depression Ahead and the Houdini of financial predictions, he says this depression will continue until 2020! WHAT!? You’ve got to be kidding me! Are you prepared for that?

The Purpose of the New Economy is Heart Based

spiritual-purposeNow, we spiritual people know this is happening because we’re shifting from the Industrial Value system to a more Heart Cenetred, Relationship based Co-Operative Economy. I don’t know about you, but I believe we can make that transition happen peacefully with the least amount of collateral damage.

But here’s the thing – Our Universe abhors a vacuum. That means where there’s a gap for a moment, it will be filled with something. So if we don’t allow ourselves to receive our fair share of the abundant universe we leave a vacuum. So someone else is going to fill that vacuum and take more than their fair share… that’s the balance of the Law of Duality at play.

We spiritual peeps really need to step up our game and not turn away from money… We need to marry our life purpose with the way we make money. I truly believe that when we make more money by making a bigger difference we will not only transform the world, but the monetary system as well.

The only reason we have this storm ahead of us, is because we heart centered spiritual folks have been leaving the problems of the world up to someone else to fix. We’ve been wafting off onto pathways that are infinitely more interesting to us than money. “Money’s not that important, we say to ourselves. Love is more important.” “All we need is love!”

Why We Need to Make More Money By Making a Bigger Difference

life purpose, personal mission, make money by making a difference, make a differenceBut GUESS WHAT? We’ve created a vacuum by our absence in the financial abundance stakes, and it’s been filled with the terrible situation of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and now this “Economic Storm” approaching.

We’re needed to step it up in our lives like never before. Not just to survive this storm ahead, but also to make sure the better world we all want to live in, actually gets birthed. It’s not just about coming into the heart as many would say. It’s about bringing the heart into the economy so all can prosper, not just the few. No one is going to do that but heart centered people like you and me.

You and your life purpose have a role to play in the birth of the new heart based economy, that has you living 100% on purpose, in financial prosperity, making a big difference, feeling fulfilled, making progress in life AND transforming the world positively!

If you don’t fill the vacuum, something less than love will. When you fully understand the vacuum that is created by you not claiming your purposeful financial abundance, you begin to feel at peace with receiving large sums of money for all the good work you do. No longer guilty about the money you earn or the means by which you earn it, you are FREE to make more money so you can make an even bigger difference.

The Key to all that I’m saying is answering the call to that feeling you have inside that There’s Something Else You’re Supposed to Be Doing! Or there’s another way of finding your mission to serve and monetizing accurately, so you don’t struggle financially!

For those of you who don’t know my background, I’m the one who saved a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin, achieving in just 6 months what that industry were unable to do in 7 years. The secret to my success came down to 7 Habits, 10 Strategies and 12 Laws of Nature that I’ve branded “Strategy With Spirit”. One of those Laws is the Law of Purpose.

The Power of Mission Mojo

I had Mission Mojo to achieve extra-ordinary results, like turning the tide of history, because it was my purpose to do that job… It was one of my mission milestones – no one elses. Therefore I Had the Support of the Entire Evolving Conscious Universe.

personal mission. life mission. life meaningNow you have within you the exact same Mission Mojo. That mojo exists within you to make a bigger difference. Whether that is to take care of our children, the elderly, invent something, help people have a better life, or save the planet and the animals on it – The ripple effect of you stepping into your Mission Mojo is the creation of a better world.

But you only tap into that Mojo when you step it up to your Life’s Mission. I unequivocally believe, when we transition in droves from making money just to pay the bills, to making more money by making a bigger difference, collectively we will transform not only the monetary system but the world at large.

So you see, you living your purpose has a HUGE role to plan in shifting the economy!

I want to help you find your role in this great transition. I want to help you find your Mission Mojo, so we can get this party of transforming the world cranking, and make sure you’re adequately monetized on the right side of the fall out in the prolonged Economic Transition fast approaching.

Find Your Mission Mojo

I especially want to make sure you Avoid The #3 Biggest Pitfalls When Monetizing Your Mission.

So I’ve designed a complimentary training program via webinar, with bonus trainings, to help you learn:

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  • The 7 Step Blueprint to find, follow and achieve your Right Mission so you can make the Right Money – the “feel good money” in ever increases abundance, that comes from doing good in the world, so you can make an even bigger difference in your own life, the lives of your family and the world.

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