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When You’re Reluctant To Answer Your Calling As A New Earth Leader

Allowing Your Evolutionary Purpose To Lead You So You Can Lead In A Totally New Way

Over the course of the past 6 years working to help entrepreneurs clarify and monetize their purpose and mission, I’ve seen first hand the evolutionary nature of purpose evolving through business concepts and trends. It shows up in cycles of concepts as we evolve into higher and higher states of consciousness as enlightened entrepreneurs. At the beginning of the year I woke up to a vision on the 1st of January that told me it’s time to start working with the emerging new leaders of the New Earth… In other words to start leading myself. 

I am the reluctant leader, even though I know it’s my destiny, mostly because I don’t see the style of leadership in the world that I’d be interested in. So I’ve had to carve my path out for myself in the absence of a model and role models. If you’re sensing it’s time to step up and play a much more significant role in creating a better world through your business, then it’s possible you might be having the same experience as me. Where is this new model of New Earth Leadership.

Realising purpose is not stagnant – It is evolutionary… I know it’s part of my evolutionary track on my purpose pathway to level up. And before I, or anyone, can level up we first have to relax and accept the vision we have for ourselves as New Earth leaders. It’s my mission in this blog post to have you accepting the vital the role you play in the creation of The New Earth.

The Rise Of The New Earth Leader In 2018

Because of the evolutionary nature of our purpose journey, we need to accept there will be moments where we lack clarity of direction and need help finding the new path throughout our journey.  You might even feel a bit lost or lose your footing in your business at times, until you level up to the next evolutionary phase within your purpose. That’s how it was for me in the first half of the year. The reluctance to step up into the next level of my purpose as a more significant leader in my business lead to a big of a standstill in one aspect of the growth of that business.

As a Visionary I often get visions of where the collective is moving to, or what themes will present each year in my business. In 2012, while there was no Armageddon, I saw a massive “Am-a gedden outa here” as business owners and professionals woke up to a bigger purpose wanting to get out of their current situation and into a new more meaningful business.

Fast forward to 2018, I wake up on the 1st of January with a Vision that it’s time for me to transition from solving world problems to creating the new systems that will see them solved. Becoming solution focused rather than problem focused in other words.

Over the course of the following months I had a mass of new clients coming in all saying “I feel a bigger mission looming, new work about to be birthed, a more significant contribution that all leads to leadership in some form.”

That revelation for each of my new clients was quickly followed up by, “Yes but how do I do that without rocking the boat on my current cash flow?” and “Yes but am I really a leader because I don’t see myself as a leader in the traditional sense.”

So if we have this calling inside to contribute more significantly to the creation of a better world, why do we then self-sabotage ourselves into inaction with self-doubting thoughts?

Leadership Models In Nature

As with just about everything, I believe the answer lies in nature. We currently see ourselves as separate from nature and it’s ecosystem instead of a part of it. We’ve been taught that humans are at the top of the food chain, and therefore we sit at the top of the eco-system instead of being one part in the entire system. So we don’t take our rightful and natural place in the Eco-System we live in according to the expression of our own nature.

Leadership outside of the system takes on the form of being out in front with followers.

Ecosystem Leadership Where Everyone Plays An Important Role

Versus The Current Economic Leadership Model With Those At The Top Having Importance Over Everything Under It Following It

If we embraced our part in the ecosystem, instead of seeing ourselves as a separate entity that has to justify its existence and value in a money based marketplace, we would see ourselves as a necessary cog in the wheel, or leaf on a tree that contributes to the prosperity of the whole.

We have our place and there’s nothing more to say about it. We would be in an acceptance space of our important role in the whole.

Consider how a seed drops from a tree, as part of a collaborative, abundant and self-sustaining ecosystem. That seed then enters a new collaborative relationship with the soil, rain, sun etc… to grow and eventually be a tall tree that produces oxygen, feeds life, and contributes to the sustainability of the planet. That seed has an important role to play.

At no time is it self-effacing, nor does it start second-guessing its role in creating more oxygen in the world, or feeding the critters, or sustaining the planet. It just does what it is naturally born to do.

Yet we humans stunt our growth often on a daily basis with self-doubting thoughts about our role in the world. Our education system and economic climate can often foster going against our nature to suit its own end goal, which means as humans we’re dealing with social programming that has taken us away from our true nature. 

We may have visions, desires, dreams and intuitions we might just be here to contribute more significantly, but rarely do we take action on it because of that programming. Instead we end up with the leadership crisis we have today, waiting for someone else to fix it, instead of playing our part in transforming it.

Accepting Our Natural Born Leadership Role In The New Earth

What would happen if we just accepted our role in the Universal Picnic Table of Life instead of fighting against it, or self-doubting we have a role? What would happen if we just let ourselves grow instead of fighting against ourselves or our transformation?

The truth has to be as simple as this…

If you have a calling to make a more significant contribution to the creation of our New Earth, then you have a role to play. You’ll be leading in a completely different manner precisely because you’re helping bring in The New Way of The New Earth.

Like a seed in the ground, you’ll grow into what you’re meant to become through a collaboration of many moving parts within the eco-system. At no time are you expected to make it there on your own.

It must also be true that if you have a calling you have within your natural state of being the ability to carry out that calling. The answer therefore has to be getting back to your natural state, past the programming, past the self-doubting, and simply accepting that you have a role to play. From that acceptance, all good things will follow.

If you maintain your thoughts of self-doubt, or struggle with the idea of stepping up, then that struggle will be mirrored at some level in your business – Usually stagnation or struggle to grow to the next level of abundance is how it shows up.

Why not simply relax today and accept that you do have a role to play in contributing to a better world, that you’re new work or direction is part of the new systems we’re co-creating together. And that you’re not going to have to go it alone. In fact, you can’t do it alone. That’s not the New Earth way.

Step One For The Reluctant New Earth Leader

Accept your intuition, knowing, visions, desires… That you are indeed an emerging New Leader, about to step into a New Earth Leadership style we’ve yet to discover and create, leading humanity to the Golden Age of Prosperity that is the hope of The New Earth.

I’ve designed some videos and a training to help you find your place in this abundant, self-sustaining, collaborative eco-system we are a part of. If you’re interested to explore more you can register for those free training with resources here.