Business Coaching Programs & Business Courses That Don’t Deliver

By September 29, 2017Blog, Business Mentoring

Why You Don’t Get The Results You Expected From Online Training Or Coaching Programs

Too many people have been telling me they’ve done coaching programs, online marketing trainings, and not got results from them, and I’m not happy about that…

So I felt compelled to give you all the 411.

Having had 7 different businesses and 20 years of experience marketing different products and services online, to where I’ve built a successful global business online, I can tell you there are many programs that will never give you the results promised if you don’t have certain fundamentals in place first.

I want to give you a barometer for things you need to have in place before you do any coaching program or training online that shows you how to get clients and market yourself.

While I think there are sharks out there delivering irrelevant and outdated material, there’s also some responsibility we need to take here in why we make the decisions we make, what we say no to and what we say yes to.

In this video I Iist everything that you need in place before anything you do to market yourself will get results for you. That way you’ll make better decisions on what training and coaching programs you invest, what marketing avenues will work for you, and what will just be a waste of your time and money.

Even free programs… Let’s face it, we’re all busy and our email inboxes are getting out of control.

We’re spoiled for choices.

So the list of things that form your success foundation that I’ll give you today, you can also use to discern your precious time better – only focus on that which you need to get in place that will lead to success.

Watch and enjoy. If you have any questions please post a comment. If after you’ve watched the video, you’d like to join me and a small group of people to get your business foundation solid and aligned to your purpose, then be sure to register for my last Global Mission Mojo Day Workshop Online using the link in the comments section below.

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